Daniel Brito aka Fancy Dan is a short, black man who sports a blade-tipped cane and performs some impressive acrobatic and martial arts moves. He is a member of the Enforcers along with Montana and Ox. They work for the Big Man under the orders of Hammerhead. They are brought in to take down Spider-Man, but ultimately he is defeated and webbed up by Spider-Man and left for the police on the building roof after a lengthy battle.[1]

Fancy Dan, Montana, and Ox escaped from Ryker's Island with the group of other villains. Fancy Dan and Ox got away in Hammerhead's helicopter while Montana aka Shocker joined the Sinister Six in their fight against Spider-Man.[2]

Later, the Enforcers got an upgrade with the help of the Tinkerer, as he provided Fancy Dan with a suit that increased his kinetic energy. Taking the name "Ricochet". Then he joins Ox in his battle armor but didn't change his codename and Montana who was still operation as the Shocker in forming the "New Enforcers".[3]

The Enforcers along with Fancy Dan after their last defeat became inmates at the Vault during the time when Spider-Man was testing out its security system. He was released along with the other inmates to attack Spider-Man after Green Goblin sabotaged the security system. He and the other inmates were defeated by Spider-Man and Walter Hardy.[4]

Dan as Ricochet


Seemingly those of Fancy Dan of Earth-616.


As Ricochet he possesses a power suit made by the Tinkerer which gives him the power to bounce around at super high speeds.

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