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Dan Brock was a character of Eddie Brock's past fabricated into his memories by the Venom symbiote as part of its efforts to make Eddie stay with it.[1] In these altered memories, Dan Brock was the brother of Carl Brock and uncle of Eddie and Mary Brock. He died of terminal cancer when they were young.[2]

These forged memories caused Eddie to recall having been left traumatized due to watching his uncle waste away in front of him. When the Venom symbiote had Eddie retroactively believe that he was seeking to commit suicide in the Our Lady of Saints Church because he had discovered he had cancer, the memories of Dan became one of the reasons Eddie believed he was scared of the illness. When Eddie fell prey to the Maker and he attempted to separate the symbiote from Eddie, their psychic connection began failing. This resulted in Venom's influence in Eddie's memories fading away, causing him to realize that he had never had an uncle named Dan.[1]


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