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Dr. Daniel Damian was an archaeologist and father of Margo Damian. During an expedition on a tropical island, he discovered a hidden Kree base, guarded by Sentry 459. He and his assistant were imprisoned by the Sentry and saved by the Fantastic Four.[1]

Later, Daniel hired a cameraman named Ike Harris (actually the Eternal known as Ikaris) to guide him and his daughter, Margo, through the ruins of an Incan temple in the Andes Mountains and document the event. When they arrived at the ruins, they discovered an immense God Chamber filled with artifacts and technological wonders unlike anything else found on Earth. Ikaris revealed his true heritage to Dr. Damian and his daughter and activated a cosmic beacon to summon the great Celestials. Damian was present when the Deviant overlord Kro invaded the temple and challenged the approaching "Gods."[2] He was also witness to the resurrection of Ajak and the arrival of the Fourth Celestial Host.[3]

Arishem the Judge set down in the City of the Space Gods where it was decreed he would stand in judgment over Earth for a span of fifty years. Upon his arrival, the City of the Space Gods was sealed off from the rest of humanity. Ikaris and Margo Damian managed to escape before they were trapped for half a century, but Dr. Damian, unwilling to see the treasures of the Incan past lost forever, elected to stay behind.[4]

After the murder of his daughter Margo, Dr. Damian wanted revenge against Deviants and Eternals. To this end, he planted false prophecies about the twin offspring of Eternals and Deviants conquering the two races and mutated Ajak into a monster who began killing human sets of twins. Later, he had Thena and Kro's twins, Donald and Deborah Ritter, kidnapped in the hopes he could have their parents witness their demise. Ikaris discovered his friend's betrayal and with the Eternals confronted Dr. Damian. Ajak, disgusted with what Damian had turned him into, killed himself and Damian by exploding.[5]



  • Dr. Daniel Damian was an expert in the field of archaeology (as evidenced by the fact that he held a doctorate).

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