Daniel DeCriscio was a hitman for the Italian Mafia. He was known as "the Deathbringer" in the press for being, at the time, the most prolific and brutal hitman of all time. When he was sent to kill the head of the Chinatown Triads, the man's wife and 2-month-old daughter turned out to be at home. After killing the baby's parents, she was entrusted to Daniel.

Growing up as Lyla DeCriscio, Daniel raised her in a cruel way; he made her fight on the streets for her own food, and never gave her anything. While Daniel never abused her physically, he didn't allow her to sleep or eat until she trained. Daniel taught her to kill before she even hit puberty, and by the time she was twenty years old, Lyla had killed almost a hundred people, and worked together with Daniel. When she was old enough, Lyla killed Daniel in revenge for the death of her biological parents.[1]

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