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Daniel Drumm was one of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, an ancient order of mystics and sorcerers formed to impart mystical knowledge to new generations and to protect the world from threats of a mystical nature. He was charged as the protector the New York Sanctum Sanctorum.

Retrieving the Dark Scepter

Drumm and fellow master Tina Minoru interrupted Kaecilius as he was scolding Wong for failing to retrieve a stolen mystical sceptre. Drumm suggested that instead of insulting Wong for his failures, they should take it as a precaution to be better prepared the next time they try and retrieve it. Kaecilius questioned why he and Tina got involved when they had other business to attend to, and Drumm replied that they had been called in to help Kaecilius and Wong. Kaecilius rejected their help, and transported himself elsewhere.

Later, Drumm and his fellow masters found Kaecilius unconscious, after having been beaten by the thief and the stolen sceptre. Drumm suggested once more that they work together to defeat the thief, and Kaecilius finally agreed. They located the thief and defeated her, with their combined power overpowering that of the stolen sceptre. Afterwards, Drumm oversaw Wong deliver the sceptre to the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York City, where it could be held in safekeeping.[1]


Kaecilius eventually turned his back on the other masters and led an exodus to explore a new, darker path for himself and his followers. This led him to try and destroy all three of the Sanctums protecting the world, and as master of the New York Sanctum, Drumm became an obstacle to that plan. Drumm was effective in slowing Kaecilius's followers for a brief time before Kaecilius himself killed him with a conjured spear. His body was later recovered and taken to Kamar-Taj.[2]



Mystic Arts: Daniel Drumm is a mystic arts practitioner worthy enough to hold the position of Master of the New York Sanctum.


Martial Arts: Daniel Drumm is an accomplished combatant, combining unarmed combat skills, staff combat techniques, and mystically conjured armaments.



  • Staff


  • Dimensional portals


  • Mark Anthony Brighton portrayed Daniel Drumm in the film Doctor Strange.

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