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While trying to bring back his dead mother, or to acquire a great source of demonic power, Daniel Drumm performed a dark ceremony with his brother Jericho watching. In the release of the strange energy, Daniel was apparently incinerated.

On the day before Halloween 13 years after the Chaos! event, Jack O'Lantern launched a scheme to bring about a hell on Earth and take over the world with the proper alignment of cosmos. Raising dead persons and animating dinosaurs, he looked to gather the remaining heroes of the world for the purpose of eliminating them. However, Brother Voodoo (Jericho Drumm) and the Supernaturals were able to overcome his machinations, sending Jack into another dimension. With Jack gone, his minions disappeared and the world was saved.[1]

Jack O'Lantern may still be holding the heroes captured from the first Chaos! event in his wand and plotting another takeover of the Earth.

Powers and Abilities


Jack O'Lantern appears to have a great deal of mystical abilities, many of which have yet to be displayed. He is able to separate in physical form the Werewolf By Night persona from Jack Russell. He can raise the dead into various states of living appearances and teleport beings to and from different seemingly anyplace desired. Controls a myriad of demons of various abilities. He is able to cast a bolt of eldritch energy into the Eye of Agamotto to transport the Supernaturals to various location around the globe into traps he had waiting for them. He has a scrying ruby which can view other locations on which he concentrates. He claimed that his wand held the missing heroes from the Chaos! event. Jack was able to call upon several of Marvel Earth's most terrifying monsters to create havoc and destruction around the world.


Brother Voodoo was able to send Jack O'Lantern to another dimension after being empowered by the Eye of Agamotto and the wills of the other Supernaturals.

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