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Daniel Grimm Jr. was the eldest son of Daniel and Elsie Grimm. He was the older brother of Ben. He and his family lived an impoverished life on Yancy Street in New York's Lower East Side. His father was an abusive alcoholic who could not hold down a job, forcing Dan Jr. to keep the family afloat with proceeds of crime earned through his role as leader of the Yancy Street Gang.[3][4] Dan Jr. was later killed in a knife fight with the Thompson Avenue Gang.[3] The death of Dan shattered the family and it eventually fell apart. Ben grew into adolescence and took Dan's place as leader of the Yancy Street Gang. Although the family still somehow managed to get by, both Daniel and his wife Elsie died suddenly.[3] The cause of death has not been specified.

Daniel by his brother Benjamin, who was taken in by his uncle Jacob.[3] Ben eventually became a football star in college,[5] a soldier[6] and test pilot for both the United States Air Force[7] and NASA.[8] Most famously, Ben Grimm was the pilot on the ill-fated space flight of Reed Richard's new Star Drive. The flight crashed due to a bombardment of cosmic rays that caused the crew to gain super-human abilities. They soon formed the Fantastic Four, the first heroes of the modern age.[9]

Years later, Ben built a youth center on Yancy Street and named it after his brother. Because it was dedicated to Daniel Grimm, the Yancy Street Gang declared the location off limits out of respect.[10]

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