Daniel Ketch

Ghost Rider was one of the heroes that joined in fighting Galactus after the fight against Terrax. As Mister Fantastic gave up all hope that they could defeat him, the Rider rode in and used his penance stare, making Galactus feel the agony of the "billion billion" whose lives he took. This was the final blow which left Galactus close to death. Until this moment, Human Torch thought the Ghost Rider was only a myth.[1]

He chased after the Hulk to punish him for his wave of destruction and briefly met Rick Jones whose life he saved from an accident he caused. In a burning soup kitchen, Banner transformed to save Sister Rose but the Rider misread the situation and blasted Hulk over the buildings with his flames, pulling her to safety himself. Rick, realizing that the Rider was hunting the Hulk, tried to convince him that the Hulk was innocent. Observing a confrontation with Major Talbot, Ghost Rider saw the truth and subjected Talbot to his stare. As the effects of the tranq ray gun used by Talbot weakened Banner, Ghost Rider set out to right his error and drew out Banner's sense of injustice so the Hulk could burn off its effects. Even with a new fight with the Rider and Doc Samson the Hulk's anger wasn't enough so Rick, Betty and Samson pretended they hated him. Hulk survived but left hurt and confused. The Ghost Rider assured them that what they did was an act of love and that his heart would mend.[2]


Seemingly those of the Daniel Ketch of Earth-616.



Voiced by Richard Grieco in both cartoons that he appeared in. He is never named in either cartoon but he is seen several times out of his demonic form in the Hulk episode and his appearance in both forms is that of Ketch. At time of airing the distinct appearances of the Riders and their motorcycles make it impossible to mistake him for Johnny Blaze, not then an active Rider.

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