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Daniel Kingsley was the twin brother of the original Hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley. He often impersonated his brother in order to help him to keep his secret identity as the Hobgoblin.[1][2]

After some time Roderick decided to operate behind the scenes on Isla Suerto,[3] Daniel decided to impersonate him as the Hobgoblin, working in New York City under Kingpin's criminal empire. He was killed by Phil Urich, who claimed the mantle of the Hobgoblin for himself.[4]



Goblin Armor


Pumpkin Bombs and Flaming sword


Goblin Glider and Wings


  • Roger Stern always intended to pull the identical twin ruse for the original Hobgoblin's identity mystery, but he left Amazing before he could resolve the storyline. The only mention of Roderick Kingsley having a brother in the original run was a thought bubble in Amazing Spider-Man #250 (the Roderick who appeared in that issue was retconned into being Daniel impersonating him). When Stern returned to Spider-Man to resolve the Hobgoblin plot as he originally intended, he officially introduced Daniel Kingsley in Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #1.[5]
  • In retrospect, Amazing Spider-Man #249 is the first time Kingsley and the Hobgoblin appeared in the same location, meaning it is the first confirmed appearance of Daniel Kingsley on panel. However, because the brothers frequently posed as one another, it's possible Daniel appeared as early as Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #43.

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