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Doctor Dan Lewis became the new boyfriend of Anne Weying after she broke up with Eddie Brock. When Anne was having lunch with Dr. Lewis at a high-end restaurant, Eddie barged in, run up to Anne and attempted to inform her on what was happening at Life Foundation, but his increasingly erratic behaviour and feverish temperature caused her to first assume he was drunk and then that he was sick. Eddie began wandering the restaurant and attempting to raid other people's meals, snarling at Dr. Lewis and smashing a man's nose when he tried to stop him. Dr. Lewis tried to stop the restaurant's manager from calling the police by saying that Eddie was his patient and unwell.[1]

Eddie was taken for an MRI at the hospital, where Dr. Lewis spoke to him over the PA and told him that they were going to run some tests. As the MRI started up, the symbiote negatively reacted to the high-pitched sound, causing Eddie excruciating pain. Dr. Lewis aborted the scan and walked Eddie out. Dr. Lewis told Eddie he'd call him when his test results were in and send him home. Eddie later got a phone call from Anne and Dr. Lewis, who informed him that he had a parasite. Dr. Lewis stated that the parasite was causing metabolic abnormalities and that he should get it removed as soon as possible.[1]

When Eddie came to the hospital next time, Dr. Lewis told him that the symbiote has been consuming his organs. Eddie asked if Dr. Lewis could fix the damage, but Dan said he'd never seen anything like it. Anne told Venom that it was killing Eddie, but the symbiote lashed out and attacked Dr. Lewis. Anne turned on the MRI, forcing the symbiote out of Eddie's body, and then sealed it inside the room. As Anne attempted to calm Dr. Lewis down, Venom oozed into the ventilation and bonds to a dog.[1]

Dan and Anne eventually became engaged, just as Eddie found himself in trouble again, requesting Anne's help while being questioned by the police. Anne assures Dan that there won't be any aliens involved, and presented herself as Eddie's attorney. Arriving at Mrs. Chen's store with Dr. Lewis in tow, Anne asked if she kne where Venom was only for Mrs. Chen to angrily accuse her of breaking Eddie's heart and refuse to tell them anything. A news report about Cletus Kasady and Frances Barrison came on, and Anne told Mrs. Chen that Cletus had a symbiote, to Dan's horror and outrage at his fiancée for casually lying to him. Pleased that Anne was giving it the recognition it feeld it deserved, Venom disparaged Dr. Lewis again before agreeing to help save Eddie.[2]

Arriving where Dr. Lewis was waiting for them, Venom retracted into Anne's body and refused to comply further until Eddie apologized. Addressing Dr. Lewis, Eddie advised them to leave San Francisco as quickly as possible, shaking Dr. Lewis' arm before Venom slapped him. However, before they could do that, Frances Barton incapacitated Dr. Lewis, stuffed him in the trunk of his own car, and breaked in to abduct Anne. Knocking Anne out, Frances gave Dr. Lewis a letter from Cletus saying he'd trade Anne's life for Eddie's. Dr. Lewis warned her that Venom would kill both of them, but Frances scoffed that better people than Eddie have tried and failed. Speeding down the road, Dr. Lewis called Eddie and told him that Frances and Cletus captured Anne and took her to Grace Cathedral.[2]

Dan himself showed up at the Cathedral as well and, just as Venom and Carnage were fighting, doused Carnage with burning gasoline from one of the upper floors. Hearing Carnage and Cletus screaming in pain, Frances rushed to see what was happening just as Dr. Lewis ran out of gas. The fight between the symbiotes ended in Frances falling to her death while Cletus and the Carnage symbiote were both eaten by Venom. As police reinforcements arrived, Eddie, Dr. Lewis, and Anne fled the cathedral. Anne told Venom to get Eddie as far away from San Francisco as possible. Manifesting its head, Venom tells Dr. Lewis to take care as well.[2]


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