When a plague turned the world's population into cannibals, Iron Fist helped the Avengers hold back the infected. The scientists working on a cure were attacked in the Baxter Building so they decided to move operations to Elizabeth, New Jersey, where Reed Richards had stored old equipment and where T'Challa believed his sister was hiding. Iron Fist was among the heroes that led the convoy out of New York when they were confronted by the Hulk and his army on the Goethals Bridge. The heroes held them back while the scientists escaped, though not without much loss of life.[1]

As their losses started to pile up, Doctor Doom came to them and offered to give them a cure in exchange for being named Emperor of Earth. Though initially hesitant, they agreed to his demands.[2] The cure in question were his Doomstones, made from a combination of science and alchemy, which were designed to keep the cannibalism dormant inside the wearer. Iron Fist was among the many that wore one.

Despite this, the Avengers were still unsure about Doctor Doom and had a meeting to discuss their next course of action, which Iron Fist was a part of.[3]

Later on, Hawkeye discovered that Doom was infected himself and that his Doomstones were actually a means for him to turn everyone into cannibals. After activating them, everyone wearing a Doomstone immediately succumbed to the plague. At that moment, Iron Fist was with Iron Man, Red Hulk, and the Avengers Academy kids as they were putting up an electrified barrier to keep cannibals out of New York City. He was not seen again but the fact that he was wearing a Doomstone at the time implies that he became a cannibal, although this is not confirmed.[4]

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Seemingly those of the Daniel Rand of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Daniel Rand of Earth-616.



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