Quote1 The person I feel really bad about hitting is the Danny Rand guy. The guy with the glowing hand--because like me he was just trying to do something worthwhile--something helpful. Quote2
-- Spider-Man src

Danny Rand trained in martial arts for many years, eventually learning a rare discipline which allowed him to focus his life energy, or chi, in his hand, rendering it hard as iron. At some point he befriended Shang-Chi, possibly in the school of Master Kee. Inspired by the example of individuals like Spider-Man, Danny considered dedicating himself to crime fighting, or community service as he called it; thus, when he saw a street altercation involving a large man grabbing a smaller man by the head and threatening violence, he intervened. When the larger man refused to let his victim go, Danny knocked him down with a kick to the head; when his opponent rose to attack, Danny began to focus his "iron fist", only to be sent flying by and unexpected blow from Spider-Man, who happened by and assumed Danny was the villain of the piece.[1]

This poor start did not deter Danny's community spirit, but a later incident where he used his "iron fist" on a man saw him sentenced to six months in Ryker's Island. Released on parole after four, he sought out his old friend Shang-Chi; however, when Shang-Chi was attacked by the arrival of the Dragons, a local gang, the ambitious crime lord Hammerhead and his Enforcers, Danny was drawn into the gang war between Hammerhead and the Kingpin, and encountered Spider-Man again, this time as an ally.[2]

Later, he reappeared along with Shang-Chi, Moon Knight, Spider-Man, and Daredevil as a member of Daredevil's team to take down the Kingpin. Daniel ended up betraying the team to Kingpin. Daredevil found out the deception and demanded answers from Daniel. He found out that Kingpin had Daniel's daughter, and Daniel chose his daughter's life over the team.[3] He did distract Kingpin long enough for Daredevil to reach his daughter. Daniel was last seen walking with his daughter.[4]


  • Chi Manipulation: Rand is able to manipulate a mystical energy known as Chi to enhance his physical abilities and improve his capabilities in combat. This Chi also seems to grant him some degree of enlightenment, as Rand has shown intuition and wisdom beyond his years.
  • Iron Fist Punch: Danny is able to focus his spiritual energy into an impervious fist of iron.[5] This spiritual energy allows him to create tremendous internal force that he can easily rend through materials like wood and steel, and can harm incredibly durable superhumans.
  • Chi Enhanced Physiology: Daniel can concentrate his Chi to enhance his strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and durability. He can also heal himself and others.
    • Enhanced Strength: Daniel is able to focus his Chi energy to enhance his physical abilities, granting him greater than normal strength.
    • Enhanced Speed: By focusing his Chi energy, Daniel is able to increase his physical speed, allowing him to run and move faster than normal humans.
    • Enhanced Reflexes: Along with enhancing his speed, focusing his Chi energy also enhances Danny's reflexes as well. He is able to move and react faster than normal human beings, making him a deadly foe in combat.
    • Enhanced Agility: Focusing his Chi energy further increases Daniel's already impressive agility. He is able to move with great speed and flexibility, greatly surpassing the agility of normal humans.
    • Enhanced Stamina: Daniel's Chi energy grants him far greater stamina and resilience than a normal human being. He is able to exert himself for much longer periods of time, and in a far greater physical capacity.
    • Enhanced Durability: Harnessing his Chi energy makes Daniel's bones and bodily tissues far more resilient and enduring than normal human beings. They are able to endure greater harm and injury than regular humans.
  • Chi Healing Daniel can use the Chi energy he generates to improve his rate of healing. He is able to sense and heal any impurities in the body, and can also use this energy to heal other people.


Rand is an expert martial artist.[5]

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