Quote1 Once, I had two fists that could become like unto a thing of iron. Now I have six! Quote2
-- Iron Fist src
Daniel Rand (Earth-19919) from Spider-Island Vol 1 1 001

Homo sapien form

Iron Fist seemingly had the same history as his Earth-616 counterparts. During a Resistance assullt on Spider-Queen, Danny was captured and infected with the "Spider-Virus."[1]

He was one of the former superheroes who were sent to trap Resistance fighters at Horizon Labs. Arriving at Horizon, Danny found that Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Hulk had their DNA rewritten and joined the Resistance.[1]

Daniel was among the spiders sent to capture Stegron after he reanimated the dinosaurs of the American Museum of Natural History.[2]


Seemingly those of the Danny Rand of Earth-616 and those of Peter Parker.


Seemingly those of the Danny Rand of Earth-616.

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