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Iron Fist[src]

Daniel "Danny" Rand-K'ai[11] is the living weapon of K'un-Lun with deadly hands that flow with the mystic energies of Shou-Lao the Undying as the immortal Iron Fist. Born as the heir of the financial business empire of Rand Corporation, Danny became an orphan as a young child when his father obsessively searched for the lost city of magic K'un-Lun in the Himalayas.[2] For a decade, he was trained in Martial arts and earned the mantle of the warrior Iron Fist. Seeking revenge against his father's murderer, Harold Meachum, Rand left K'un-Lun to return to Earth.[14] On Earth, he has balanced his origins as Danny Rand with his prowess as Iron Fist, becoming a champion who fights for worldly and heavenly justice.[15]

His adventures made him cross paths with Luke Cage,[16] with whom he formed a deep friendship and a solid partnership[17] in the form of the organization Heroes for Hire to provide services as detectives, bodyguards, and vigilantes.[18] Alongside Cage, Iron Fist has fought many battles and has faced several villains. Their partnership came to an end when Rand apparently paid the ultimate price in a convoluted scheme involving the H'ylthri and the Super-Skrull usurping his identity.[19][20] Eventually, Iron Fist returned to action.[21] At Cage's side, he was part of the reformed Heroes for Hire as a superhero team,[22] the New Avengers,[23] and the Defenders.[24] Simultaneously, he has revisited his origins several times, returning to K'un-Lun to protect it.[25][26][27]

As of recent, Rand has taken in the young monk Pei as his protégée,[28] since she also wielded the energies of the Iron Fist.[29] In the role of a tutor, he faced challenges in understanding his pupil's perspective.[30] Currently, after finding himself forced to relinquish the power of Iron Fist to save the dragons of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven, Danny Rand has become depowered.[31] Even without the mighty power of the Iron Fist, Rand still deploys his formidable skills as a martial artist for the greater good.[32]


Orphaned in K'un-Lun[]

Daniel Rand was born to businessman Wendell Rand and merchant heiress Heather Duncan,[33] being the heir of the empire of Rand & Meachum Corporation in America.[2] As a pupil of Orson Randall,[34] Wendell Rand once lived the fabled city of K'un-Lun, which existed in another dimensional realm accessible through the Himalayas in Tibet.[35] After rejecting K'un-Lun,[36] Wendell Rand learned his son was fated to become the legendary warrior known as the Iron Fist.[37] Using resources from K'un-Lun and from Randall, he started his financial business, which grew into an empire.[38][39] Parallel to his business, he delved into madness, becoming unhealthily obsessed with returning to K'un-Lun. Such an obsession turned Wendell into a distant man, who did not provide enough attention or care to his family, especially his solitary son, Danny.[40]

A decade later, Wendell Rand travelled back to the Himalayas to look for the activation of the portal to K'un-Lun with his wife, Heather, and his son, Danny. His business party, Harold Meachum, refused to let them go on this quest unaccompanied and escorted them. Toppling off a treacherous mountain passage, the young Danny accidentally dragged his parents over an ice shelf with him. While Danny and Heather landed on a ledge below, Wendell dangled over the sheer drop of the mountainside and called to Meachum for help. Scheming to take over Rand's share of their business and the love of Heather, Meachum instead caused him to lose his grip and plunge to his death, which was horribly witnessed by his family. Though Meachum offered to help Heather and Danny, they spurned him. Attempting to make it back to camp on their own, Heather and Danny spied a long suspension bridge as a pack of wolves hunted them. The brave mother tried to hold the animals off long enough for her son to get to safety to the other side and was brutally killed in the effort. Before perishing before her son's eyes, she asked him to honor and avenge his father's memory.[2]

After he witnessed his mother's death, Danny Rand was taken in by immortal residents of the eternal city of K'un-Lun, being brought before its leader, the Yü-Ti, who offered him sanctuary. For a decade, Daniel Rand'Kai lived up to the legacy of his father in K'un-Lun, undergoing intensive training tutored by Lei Kung, the Thunderer. Getting revenge against Meachum for destroying his family motivated his studies.[41] As an outsider, he became an outcast, finding solace in the friendship of Lei Kung's adoptive daughter, Sparrow.[42] Years of training his body and mind turned Rand into K'un-Lun's most prodigal fighter, but he still felt uneasy. To remedy that, Yü-Ti offered him the ultimate challenge: to face Shou-Lao, the undying dragon who was the source of K'un-Lun's immortality. Danny Rand subdued the enormous fire-breathing beast in its cave, imprinting a dragon-shaped scar on his chest during the fight. His prize was the very heart of the creature, ferociously guarded in a brazier, which bestowed Danny Rand with its mystic energies. As a result, Danny Rand became the legendary Iron Fist, a living weapon who fought for the glory and protection of K'un-Lun.[41]

Shattered Revenge[]

Displaying the capacity to channel and to concentrate his chi energies into his fists, Iron Fist proved his worth before Yü-Ti and the Dragon-Kings, by vanquishing four warriors in the ritualistic Challenge of the Many, defeating the android behemoth Shu-Hu,[2] and earning the Crown of Fu-Hsi, the King of Vipers. This granted him the right to gain eternal life in K'un-Lun through the Tree of Immortality. However, Rand refused to accept the offer, for he would rather return to the mortal world in order to hunt Meachum and get revenge. Being adamant in his decision, Danny Rand was cast out of K'un-Lun.[41]

Unleashed upon Earth, Iron Fist brought his ire to New York City to confront Meachum. The mercenary Scyther was hired to put a stop to his quest. However, the weapon of K'un-Lun easily defeated his opponent.[41] This gave Iron Fist a clear path to Meachum Tower, a citadel that served as the headquarters of Meachum Industries. The skyscraper had multiple traps set to torment Iron Fist in his way to Meachum. After triumphing over the traps, Iron Fist met his final adversary, the warrior called Triple-Iron.[43] After incapacitating his foe, Danny Rand was finally able to face Harold Meachum and make him pay for his crime. Surprisingly, Iron Fist met Meachum in a wheelchair, since on his way back from the Himalayas he lost his legs in the frigid mountains due to succumbing to frostbite. For years, he paranoically expected Danny Rand to resurface and execute him in revenge. Feeling nothing but pity, Iron Fist was unable to conclude his revenge and abandoned Meachum. However, a mysterious assassin murdered Meachum instead.[44]

Blamed for the murder, Iron Fist became an enemy of Meachum's family, namely his daughter Joy and his brother Ward. He undertook the mission of clearing his name for the false accusation. Eventually, he was approached by private investigator Colleen Wing, who had been sent by her father, Professor Lee Wing. As a researcher, Professor Wing had journeyed through the Himalayas to study K'un-Lun, learning about the story of Danny Rand in his quest. By acquiring the Book of Many Things, he attracted the interest of deadly warriors part of the Cult of Kara-Kai, who had stalked him for years to stop his investigation.[45] Iron Fist acted as Professor Wing's bodyguard, resisting the assassins. Simultaneously, Iron Fist attempted to reason with Joy Meachum, but was attacked by her uncle Ward, who directed Batroc and his brigade against K'un-Lun's champion. Iron Fist struggled to battle an army of foes, but ironically found assistance in the mysterious ninja who murdered Harold Meachum. In secrecy, the assassin was a possessed Lee Wing.[46]

Back to Wing's study, Iron Fist found the place destroyed and his allies missing. He was met with violence by Colleen Wing's friend and partner, the skilful Mercedes Knight (Earth-616). Astonished by her prowess, Iron Fist managed to knock her out and find Professor Wing and his daughter being kept by the Cult of Kara-Kai. Iron Fist battled its leaders, the Daughters of Kali Shaya and Ushas, since they were enemies of K'un-Lun who planned to destroy it. During the battle, the Book of Many Things was burned, exorcising Professor Wing from the dark ninja's essence.[47] Iron Fist duelled the free ninja as the police intervened. This prompted the ninja to teleport Iron Fist away with him as he explained he served the deadly Master Khan and sought revenge against K'un-Lun as well for he had been forced to live an ethereal existence by Yü-Ti. After defeating his opponent, Iron Fist managed to clear his name beyond the authorities for the murder of Meachum. Having closed a torturous chapter of his life, Iron Fist was ready to start a new life as Danny Rand.[15]

Death Match[]

One night, Iron Fist saved a female spirit named Jade from being lynched by a mob. The disoriented girl had escaped Feng-Tu, K'un-Lun's afterlife realm, to meet Iron Fist and combat the sorcerer Dhasha Khan who wished to use her immortal Firebird's soul to conquer the world by unleashing the N'Garai. In Professor Wing's house, Iron Fist and Jade were attacked by Dhasha Khan's agents, the Black and the White Ox. During the fight, Iron Fist and Jade were transported to Feng-Tu.[1] Iron Fist was able to defeat Dhasha Khan's warriors, ultimately fighting his prime fighter, Silver Dragon, who defeated him and left. In a delirious display against demons, Iron Fist battled the Soul-Slayer, which led to Dhasha Khan acquire the Firebird.[48] Iron Fist and Jade found assistance with the valiant Bowman, a server of the Firebird. After recollecting himself from the battle, Iron Fist was contacted by Tuan, former Yü-Ti of K'un-Lun who had adopted his father, Wendell Rand. Tuan mesmerized Iron Fist so the Bowman could slay him.[49] Danny Rand was dead and, as a spirit, became fully part of Feng-Tu, consummating his passion for Jade. In Dhasha Khan's citadel, Iron Fist went to another match against Silver Dragon for Jade's soul.[33] During the battle, Silver Dragon was revealed to be the soul of his own mother, Heather Rand. The attack served as a distraction for Tuan and his army take control over Dhasha Khan's palace. Being unable to murder her son, Heather Rand once again sacrificed her existence to save him, this time from Dhasha Khan.[33] On Earth, Dhasha Khan executed his plan. Danny Rand was able to cross the borders between death and life to finally end Dhasha Khan in Manhattan. Using the Firebird, Jade sacrificed herself to reverse the chaotic spell and save Earth, K'un-Lun and Feng-Tu.[50]

When adapting to his civilian life, Danny Rand witnessed a horrifying mass shooting event in Central Park alongside Colleen Wing. Together, they tried to stop the assassin, the insane mercenary known as Warhawk. However, Rand was knocked out and Wing was captured. Upon recovering, Rand was joined by Lieutenant Rafael Scarfe in locating the delirious Warhawk in order to defeat him.[51] As he integrated himself to a life out of K'un-Lun, Danny Rand forged a solid friendship with Colleen Wing, which was reinforced by their common interest in being expert martial artists. Behind the scenes, Master Khan observed Iron Fist's activities, planning to destroy and enslave him to prevent opposition to his dark plans. Among Iron Fist's interventions was saving Princess Azir from Halwan from being assassinated by Khan's Monstroid.[52]

As a target, Iron Fist found Colleen Wing to be have gone missing as he was attacked and disoriented by Angar, the Screamer.[53] Moved by rage, Iron Fist hunted Angar, who claimed that Tony Stark had hired him to torment Iron Fist in order to gain access to resources from Halwan. During his mission, Iron Fist met Misty Knight once again, who was also investigating Wing's disappearance. Together, they infiltrated Stark International, where the invincible Iron Man intercepted their investigation, sparking a fight between the two heroes made of iron. Knight was able to uncover a rogue initiative within Stark, which earned them Iron Man's sympathy, although they could not trace Wing's whereabouts.[54] Scarfe found a lead of Wing being kept in London, prompting Iron Fist and Misty Knight to go to her rescue.[12]

Upon arrival Iron Fist and Misty Knight were caught in an attack launched by the Radion, a doctor who went insane after being infused radiation-derived energies as a consequence of Ward Meachum's machinations. As a result, Knight was severely hurt in the incident. After a fight, Iron Fist was able to stabilize Radion[55] and resumed his search for Wing, being joined by former terrorist Alan Cavenaugh in the process. Iron Fist's quest caused him to cross paths with the assassin from Halwan Scimitar. By defeating the murderer, Iron Fist realized his condition as a super hero on Earth.[56] After this combat, Iron Fist moved his investigation to Halwan with Cavenaugh's assistance. However, Iron Fist found Colleen Wing to have been brainwashed by Khan. She brutally attacked her friend, but, as he shared his spiritual energies with her, she broke free from Khan's influence. This act gave Khan an opening to strike at Iron Fist.[57] After duelling and triumphing over Khan's prime henchman Khumbala Bey, Iron Fist spoke with his nemesis. Khan explained that his plans involved overthrowing the royalty of Halwan for their cruelty. In retribution, he offered Iron Fist a return to K'un-Lun so he could finish his intentions unbothered. Iron Fist was torn due to his commitment to his allies on Earth. However, Master Khan revealed that Yü-Ti had been responsible for murdering Danny Rand's mother as part of his plan to prevent Wendell Rand from ruling K'un-Lun. Still, Iron Fist rejected immediate revenge and broke any chance of a deal by destroying the portal to K'un-Lun. Master Khan was dragged into the interdimensional vortex, being lost as Iron Fist could not prevent his fate.[58]

Rand Corporation[]

Back on his way to Halwan, Rand was approached by Jeryn Hogarth through Misty Knight; Hogarth had been a personal friend of Wendell Rand and also his former lawyer. He wished to discuss Rand's inheritance, namely his rights over the majority of the Rand & Meachum Corporation.[57] The first move was to relocate Rand to his family home, where memories of his early childhood resurfaced. Then, he was accompanied by Knight and Hogarth to Meachum Tower to discuss his participation in the business with Joy and Ward Meachum. However, their meeting was interrupted by Chaka and his Golden Tigers, who wished to kidnap the Meachums to establish his power as crime-lord.[59] Rand secretly changed to his Iron Fist identity to protect Meachum Tower. However, Chaka managed to capture the living weapon of K'un-Lun and poisoned him in order to force him into participating into a public challenge that would boost Chaka's reputation as a villain. Chaka brainwashed his own brother into fighting in his place. In need of an antidote for his condition, Iron Fist prevailed in battle, but this led the police to believe him to have brutally assaulted Chaka's brother.[60] Iron Fist hunted Chaka to defeat him and prove his innocence. In the end, as Chaka was defeated, Scarfe managed to get his brother to expose the truth about what had transpired and free Iron Fist from prosecution.[6]

At some point, Iron Fist and Misty Knight witnessed the Wrecking Crew causing terror in the city. When attempting to stop them, Knight was captured. Since the gang of villains wanted to get revenge at Thor, they planned to invade the Avengers Mansion to attack him. Iron Fist offered to infiltrate the Avengers Mansion and prepare their takeout in exchange for Knight's safety. This led him to meet and set up a trap alongside Captain America. The Wrecking Crew was then tricked and arrested due to the effort of the two heroes. This adventure made Iron Fist realize how deeply connected with Misty Knight he felt.[61] Next, Iron Fist was contacted by Cavenaugh for a meeting. Instead, he stumbled upon assassin for hire Boomerang, who had been tasked by Cavenaugh's enemies. Misty Knight disagreed with helping Cavenaugh due to his past as a terrorist, making Iron Fist's decision of rescuing Cavenaugh shake his relationship with Knight.[62] When Colleen Wing took up an assignment to act as Hogarth's bodyguard in Calgary, she asked Iron Fist to be her back-up. They found Hogarth to have been taken hostage by the savage mercenary Sabretooth, who attacked Hogarth for investigating corruption in Rand & Meachum. Although strong and brutal, Sabretooth lacked any combat skills, which granted Iron Fist the final victory.[11]

In different occasions, Iron Fist was stalked and ambushed by a mysterious warrior, who would beat him and left with no further explanation.[63] Eventually, the attacker identified himself as the Steel Serpent and formally challenged the intrigued Iron Fist to combat. When meeting the Steel Serpent, Iron Fist learned he was the son of Lei-Kung, Davos, who blamed Wendell Rand for preventing him from following his destiny as the Iron Fist. Their duel was interrupted by Spider-Man, leading Davos to absorb Iron Fist's immortal soul. The merciless and powerless Iron Fist was saved by Misty Knight, who chose to return to his side after learning the criminal Bushmaster had him as target.[64] She took him to Colleen Wing's home to nurse him with Hogarth's support. After waking up, Danny Rand professed his love for Misty Knight and they shared a passionate moment. Afterwards, Knight and Wing decided to hunt down Davos with Spider-Man's help to restore Rand's chi. In the end, Rand himself joined their hunt, ultimately battling Davos even powerless. Blinded by rage, Davos was consumed by the power of the Iron Fist, allowing Rand to reclaim the mystical energies.[65]

Rand's house was invaded by Luke Cage, the hero for hire also known as Power Man, who hunted Misty Knight. Alone in the house, Colleen Wing fended him off until Iron Fist and Knight came to her rescue. As a brutal fight ensued, Cage eventually gave up and surrendered.[66] Cage explained he was being blackmailed by Bushmaster into attacking Misty Knight, as the villain had held his friends Claire Temple and Noah Burstein captive. In retribution for his trust, Iron Fist, Knight and Wing decided to help Cage fight Bushmaster in Seagate Prison. However, Bushmaster had forced Burstein to replicate Cage's invulnerability powers into his body, being a difficult match for Iron Fist. During the mission, the heroes acquired a tape that proved Cage was innocent from the accusations that got him arrested in the past.[67] Rand had Hogarth use his influence to turn Cage into a free man. This act marked the beginning of a long-term and deep friendship between Luke Cage and Danny Rand.[17]

Hero for Hire[]

Together, Iron Fist and Luke Cage battled villains such as Stiletto and Discus[17] and Nightshade.[68] Finding new purpose alongside Cage in his career as a super hero, Rand contacted Joy Meachum to relinquish his control over Rand & Meachum to her, as he shared the truth about his life as Iron Fist to her and they made amends for their sorrowful past. His intentions were based on him wanting to deserve the money he would use. As such, Jeryn Hogarth decided to found the firm firm Heroes for Hire, Inc., so Iron Fist could devote his time to act as Cage's partner in accepting jobs as special bodyguards and detectives.[18]

During a return visit to K'un-Lun, however, Rand was exposed to deadly radiation and was diagnosed with cancer. Almost immediately after, he was kidnapped by the H'ylthri, ancient alien enemies of K'un-Lun who planned an invasion of Earth. A plant-matter clone of Rand briefly took his place in the real world, unknown to his friends.[69] One day "Iron Fist" used his superhuman healing power to try to cure a young boy named Bobby Wright of his terminal disease. The disease was a side effect of the exposure to radiation that enabled Wright to transform himself into an adult superhuman being who called himself Captain Hero. Iron Fist went into a trance outside Wright's hospital room in an attempt to rest after the effort of trying to heal him. In another attempt to help Wright, duplicates of Kree Nega-Bands were placed on his wrists. As a result Wright suffered intense pain. Transforming into Captain Hero, he struck Iron Fist repeatedly, desperately trying to bring him out of his trance. Misjudging his superhuman strength, Captain Hero instead seemingly killed Iron Fist before disappearing himself. Luke Cage was blamed for the murder, and went on the run instead of facing the law. The hero-for-hire business was effectively dismantled.[70]

Oracle, Inc.[]

Out of the blue, Daniel Rand resurfaced alive, being reintroduced to the world by Joy and Ward Meachum.[71] Rand used his influence to place Ward Meachum in the presidency of Rand & Meachum, hypnotizing Joy Meachum into naturalizing the situation.[72] Being suspicious of his return, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing exhumed his remains, only to find the coffin occupied by decomposed plant-like matter.[73] Simultaneously, Rand showed interest in the Savage Land, allying himself to its lord Ka-Zar to illegally exploit it.[72] This raised suspicions on Namor, the Sub-Mariner, since Rand's activities in the Savage Land poisoned the environment of Atlantis.[74] Namor fought Iron Fist in the Savage Land, a clash witnessed by Misty Knight. Rand was able to convince Knight he had a secret agenda, recruiting her to move against Namor.[75] Namor and his allies were captured and, as matters escalated, Iron Fist was revealed to be, in fact, the alien Super-Skrull, who had duplicated Rand's identity to use Rand & Meachum for control.[20] With his plans ruined, the Super-Skrull abandoned Rand's identity and fled, but not before murdering Ward Meachum.[76] Rand & Meachum was then purchased and incorporated into Namor's company, Oracle, Inc.[77]

Since the Super-Skrull knew precise details about Rand's life, Misty Knight presumed he was alive and started a quest to find him.[76] Alongside Colleen Wing, she approached the director of Oracle, Inc., Lady Jacqueline Falsworth, for help. Namor took them to Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. He identified that the remains found in Rand's burial site were H'ylthri and transported them to K'un-Lun, which was consumed by the H'ylthri.[77] Namor found Danny Rand's body being kept in stasis by the H'ylthri's vegetal infestation.[78] With Knight's inspiration, he recovered his strength to break free. Wielding the Iron Fist, Danny Rand resisted the H'ylthri in order to escape with his allies.[21] Back to the Sanctum Sanctorum, Iron Fist was nursed to health while Namor searched for the leader of the H'ylthri, Sssesthugar.[79] Another individual interested in finding Rand was the mysterious detective known as Tyrone King.[80] After being confronted by Rafe Scarfe, King was revealed to be Master Khan. He was also the one who provided the Super-Skrull with means to replace Danny Rand as part of a revenge plan. Namor paid the price for Khan's plans, having his memory erased and being teleported away, nowhere to be found.[81]

Danny Rand made a full recovery, reestablishing his partnership with Misty Knight and Colleen Wing.[82] Based on Oracle, Inc.,[83] Iron Fist joined the search for Namor[84] since he felt guilty for his savior's fate.[85] After locating Namor, Iron Fist was able to sense Master Khan's lingering influence. Upon arriving to Namor's location with other allies, Iron Fist was entrapped by Master Khan into a plane shaped as a floating bottle.[86] Blinded by fury, Namor destroyed the enclosure, causing the captives to resurface in Oracle. Iron Fist confronted Master Khan in battle. He was further assisted by Doctor Doom, who had also been fallen victim to the villain's act. However, it was Namor who delivered the ultimate brutal attack on Khan, decapitating him mercilessly.[87]

Following the seeming deaths of most of Earth's heroes at the hands of the sentient psionic menace known as Onslaught, the duo decided to expand the membership of Heroes for Hire. The agency merged with Oracle Inc. - the corporation owned by Prince Namor, the Atlantean Sub-Mariner - to protect the world from danger, for a price. The original Human Torch, Jim Hammond, lined up the jobs; Iron Fist acted as field commander. The team rarely collected its fee, however, and eventually disbanded when Namor saw fit to diffuse Oracle Inc.[88]

Solo Adventures[]

Hoping to share the wisdom of his other-dimensional homeworld with humanity, Iron Fist initiated a summoning spell to call K'un-Lun to Earth. Tied to his heartbeat, the kingdom eventually would materialize - merging with whatever city he occupied at the time. But Junzo Muto, teenage leader of the secret cult of martial artists called the Hand, forcibly seized the power of the Iron Fist prior to K'un-L'un's arrival. He then drew the hero to Japan so the kingdom would materialize in the midst of modern-day Tokyo. Aided by the feral X-Man known as Wolverine and a number of the planet's mightiest heroes, Iron Fist put down Junzo's plan and halted the amalgamation of the two cities. However, he was unable to reclaim the power of the Iron Fist.[89]

Later, one of Iron Fist's and the Black Panther's enemies, Nightshade, resurrected the Black Dragon in the hope that they could control and use it against the Black Panther. She set the dragon on a mission to capture Panther's U.S. State Department handler, Everett K. Ross. However, the Black Dragon had plans of his own. Instead of capturing Ross, he switched bodies with Ross, for his own purposes. When this was discovered by the Black Panther, the Panther set out to destroy the Dragon's eggs. Not wishing to engage the Panther directly, the Dragon confronted Iron Fist, restored the power of his iron fist by using a small favor borrowed from the Dragon's gods and creating an imbalance in his psyche that would brainwash Iron Fist into fighting the Panther. By a narrow margin, the Panther was able to render him unconscious, which helped restore him to his right mind. The Dragon then battled both heroes directly and was ultimately defeated.[90]

Iron Fist continued to work with Luke Cage. The two investigated a virus attack on the Rand Corporation, leading to a confrontation with the BAD Girls, Cable, and Deadpool.[7]

Man Without Fear[]

Rand disguised himself as Daredevil to convince the media and the public that Matt Murdock was not the masked vigilante. Rand believed that he had been hired to pose as Daredevil by Foggy Nelson. In reality, Nelson had been forced into witness protection and Rand was being manipulated.[91]

He was opposed to the Superhuman Registration Act, and joined Captain America while still pretending to be Daredevil. While posing as Daredevil, Rand was apprehended by Pro-Registration forces, calling Tony Stark 'Judas' and giving him a silver dollar. He was later freed from the Negative Zone Prison, joining Captain America's team for the final battle with Iron Man's forces.[92]


After the final battle, Rand returned to his role as Iron Fist and joined the underground New Avengers alongside fellow former Hero for Hire Luke Cage. He remained in the public eye and in control of Rand-Meachum while, at the same time, in defiance of the Superhuman Registration Act. When Iron Man's registered Avengers had a confrontation with the underground team, they attempted to arrest Danny at work. Jeryn Hogarth defended his client, challenging Stark to produce evidence that Danny was under the Iron Fist mask when they saw him. He also challenged Danny's need to register under the law, claiming he had already registered his hands as deadly weapons due to his kung fu training, and the Superhuman Registration Act was therefore redundant. Legally outmaneuvered, the Avengers initiative were forced to leave Danny alone unless they caught him in the act of breaking the law.[93]

During World War Hulk, he, alongside his teammates Echo and Ronin, tried to protect Rick Jones from Elloe and Hiroim of the Hulk's Warbound. They were briefly defeated and imprisoned.[94]

During the Secret Invasion, Iron Fist, along with the reunited Avengers and a myriad of other heroes, took a final stand against the Skrulls in an all out battle in New York City.[95]

Immortal Iron Fist[]

Immortal Iron Fist Vol 1 1 Textless

The Immortal Iron Fist

An existential crisis impacted Danny Rand's responsibilities as C.E.O. of Rand Corporation and as the living weapon Iron Fist. He refused to make a deal to build a track line cutting through the Kunlun Mountains with Wai-Go Industries' president Xao, for believing they had dark connections to criminal activities. During his investigation, Iron Fist learned Wai-Go was controlled by Hydra,[96] who set up a corporate plan to take over Rand. Simultaneously, he could sense his Iron Fist energies were being employed by another individual.[97] The mysterious Iron Fist was soon revealed to be Orson Randall, the Iron Fist of the beginning of the 20th century, who introduced himself to Rand at his corporation's building.[98] Randall explained that the Iron Fist was a legacy mantle, with dozens of warriors having worn the title before himself and Rand. He resurfaced due to also being targeted by enemies of the Iron Fist. Together, the two Iron Fists were attacked by Hydra and their associate Davos, who now served the order of the Crane Mother of the city of K'un-Zi, to get revenge at Rand, Randall, and K'un-Lun.[38] In their war, Randall was able to retrieve a book containing the history of Iron Fist to instruct and train Rand. They were then approached by Davos and Crane Daughters.[99] During the battle, Randall sacrificed his life to empower Rand with his own chi, arguing he should be prepared for the Tournament of the Heavenly Cities. With his expanded powers, Iron Fist was able to force Davos to retreat, but not before he kidnapped Jeryn Hogarth, who, as a lawyer, ran Rand Corporation.[34] Hogarth was blackmailed by Davos and Wai-Go into using Rand Corporation to build an access to K'un-Lun.[35]

As predicted, Yü-Ti and Lei Kung summoned Danny Rand for the Tournament of the Heavenly Cities,[34] a special contest in which the Immortal Weapons, the champions of each of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven, battled at the Heart of Heaven. As the weapon of K'un-Lun, Iron Fist was expected to participate. His first opponent was the powerhouse known as Fat Cobra.[35] Being influenced by a mysterious woman who claimed to be Randall's daughter, Iron Fist decided to yield and lose the battle on purpose. She then led him to the Randall Machine, a secret mechanism that allowed passage to Earth. As per her suggestion,[100] Iron Fist then met Ernst Erskine in order to learn the secrets Orson Randall's life.[101] As Iron Fist returned, both Yü-Ti and Wai-Go patrolled the entrance to K'un-Lun. The situation attracted the attention of Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, and Luke Cage, who teamed up with Iron Fist to fight Hydra.[102] Being able to arrive to K'un-Lun, Iron Fist learned Lei Kung had secretly formed the Army of Thunder to combat their tyrant master, Yü-Ti. Another ally Iron Fist was able to make in his mission was the immortal weapon known as the Prince of Orphans,[36] who was able to enlist the other immortal weapons as well. Meanwhile, Iron Fist exposed Yü-Ti's transgressions, which involved illegal trips to Earth in order to acquire wealth and the very resources that led to the creation of Rand Corporation through Randall. In retaliation, Yü-Ti ordered his Terror Priests to destroy the Randall Machine and lock K'un-Lun away from Earth. Having anticipated this move, Iron Fist prepared for Xao and his Hydra army to gain access to K'un-Lun, so he and the Immortal Weapons could defeat them.[103] Working together with his allies from K'un-Lun and Earth, Iron Fist managed to finish Xao and Hydra and dethrone Yü-Ti, effectively protecting K'un-Lun from being stormed and destroyed by its enemies.[37] The experience of learning about his origins led Rand to found the Thunder Dojo in Harlem in order to provide guiding to the children of the local community and return some of his fortune to society. He also directed his finances to fund the outlaw team of Avengers and provide them with a new secret headquarters in one of his buildings.[39]

Simultaneously, based on the claim that Xao came from an Eighth City, Iron Fist and the Immortal Weapons investigate its veracity.[39] Their mission was interrupted by the actions of Ch'i-Lin, a mystic beast that kills the Iron Fist on their 33rd birthday and uses their heart to gain access to the unborn Shou-Lao dragon in its egg.[104] Wing, Knight, and Cage were able to protect Rand from being murdered. In order to torment Iron Fist, Ch'i-Lin's host Zhou Cheng target the children from the Thunder Dojo instead.[105] The Immortal Weapons were able to stop his macabre plan, forcing him to flee. However, through Rand's new assistant and his lover, Cheng managed to poison his adversary and have him at his mercy.[106] Still, Iron Fist prevailed and executed the beast. As a result, the Immortal Weapons learned their enemy also came from the mysterious Eighth City and acquired a partial map to access its hidden location.[107] At the gates of the Eighth City, the Immortal Weapons focused their energies to access it. Due to being weakened by the process, they were unable to fight off a group of monstrous creatures that attacked them and were captured. Brought before the evil master of the Eight City Changming, they were forced into gladiatorial combat being rescued only when on the brink of death.[108] Iron Fist left messages in the arena for the other Immortal Weapons using his blood and dirt to scheme their escape, sparking rage in Changming. In captivity, Rand also met a man in the dungeons who claimed to be an ancient bearer of the mantle of the Iron Fist. Changming forced the two Iron Fists to fight each other.[109] During the battle, Rand was unable to feel the power of the Iron Fist in his opponent. Shockingly, he learned that, in fact, Changming was the original Iron Fist, Quan Yaozu, who was sent to the Eighth City and rose to power as a tyrant and as an enemy of K'un-Lun for feeling betrayed by their actions. The Immortal Weapons were able to free themselves and all the imprisoned fighters in the Eighth City to spark a rebellion.[110] Working together, they were able to open the gateway back to Earth. However, that was Changming's plan all along, as he wished to leave the Eighth City with his horde of demonic lackeys. On Earth, Davos attempted to murder Changming on Lei Kung's orders. On the other hand, Rand wished to offer Changming a chance to be welcomed to K'un-Lun again. In the end, Rand was able to have Changming reconcile with Lei Kung.[111]

Back to his life, a long time after being trapped in the Eighth City, Rand found his company abandoned. In response to Xao's demise, Hydra attacked Rand and blackmailed him by having Misty Knight hostage. Together, Rand and Knight managed to fight off their enemies and escape unscathed. Even with most of his wealth destroyed, Rand still maintained the Thunder Dojo and moved on to an ordinary life with Knight in Harlem. He took the restart to propose to her, while she informed him she was pregnant.[40] Tragically, the pregnancy proved to be false, a mere consequence of Iron Fist's mystical energies. This revelation deeply harmed Rand's relationship with Knight, with irreconcilable issues, they grew distant and ended their romance.[112]

Fear Itself[]

During the Serpent's War, the doors to the Eighth City were on the verge of being opened again forcing Danny Rand, Fat Cobra, and the other Immortal Weapons to reunite once again in Beijing with the addition of War Machine, who had accompanied the Prince of Orphans from Washington, D.C. in order to close the gate.[113] However, after being defeated by Titania and Absorbing Man, when the Immortal Weapons started the ceremony, Iron Fist had come under the possession of Agamotto which was creating a mystical interference that prevented the Immortal Weapons from closing the gate.[114] After Iron Fist overpowered the other Immortal Weapons, a reluctant War Machine fought him and, due to Doctor Strange infusing some magic to War Machine's gun, defeated Iron Fist by knocking him out, thus ensuring that the ceremony was completed.[115]

Iron Fist was part of the team of Avengers that attempted to escort Norman Osborn to a new prison. Norman escaped and re-organized his Dark Avengers. Together with Spider-Man, Danny battled and defeated Ragnarok, the clone of Thor.[116]

Avengers vs X-Men[]

Danny sided with the Avengers and was part of the team sent to attack Utopia and extract Hope Summers. He later traveled to Wakanda to search for Hope after she fled. After the Phoenix Force split into five pieces Danny was confronted by Lei Kung the Thunderer and Master Yu Ti about the role of the Phoenix in the history of the Iron Fist. Danny decides to bring Hope to K'un Lun as a safe place to train for her role as the Phoenix. He told her the story of a red haired Earth girl who became the Iron Fist and mastered the power of the Phoenix centuries prior. Iron Fist participated in every major battle against the Phoenix Five. After the Phoenix Five were defeated, Luke Cage disbanded the New Avengers.[117]

Living Weapon[]

Succumbing to depression due the ramifications of his origins, Danny Rand could not find purpose for his life. This coincided with his connection to his chi being severed. At some point, he became the interest of Brenda Swanson, a reporter who investigated his family and his corporation. Swanson was able to seduce him and be brought with him to the ruins of Rand Corporation's building. There, the pair was attacked by a cadre of undead ninjas, who hunted down a girl. After finishing the attackers, a young monk named Pei stumbled into Rand, asking him to return to K'un-Lun.[28] Passing through a portal to K'un-Lun under one of the elevators in the Rand Building, Iron Fist found the immortal city engulfed in flames, destroyed by a mysterious hooded figure.[118] Rand horribly found Lei Kung, who had become the new Yü-Ti, decapitated under the Tree of Immortality. The Prince of Orphans then offered him the choice of ascending as the new Yü-Ti, but Rand angrily destroyed the Tree of Immortality instead, in order to seek revenge. Being banished from K'un-Lun for his actions, Rand faced cyborg monster who destroyed K'un-Lun only to learn it wore his father's face.[42] Rand was forced to use the Iron Fist against the monster who impersonated father, which broke his hands.[119] The real identity of the creature was revealed to be Shu-Hu, whose remains were revived as "The One." Before it could finish Iron Fist, he was pulled to safety by Fooh, the monstrosity's creator.[120] Fooh brought Rand to Sparrow, the adoptive daughter of Lei Kung, the current Thunderer, and Rand's old friend from his early days in K'un-Lun. She nursed him back to health and inspired him to fight back. Their next move was to combat The One and his associate, the traitorous Davos, in New York City, since they planned to conquer it, transforming it into New K'un-Lun by siphoning the chi of its residents.[121]

Fooh employed K'un-Lun's forbidden technologies to forge metallic fists to compensate for the loss of Iron Fist's power.[122] Before sending Iron Fist to his war, Fooh sent him to a spiritual journey through the Randall Gate for him to communicate with his mother's spirit. After rejecting revenge and choosing redemption, Iron Fist was reborn and ready to return to New York City to finally fight the One.[123] Upon arriving, Rand realized Fooh was, in fact, an illusion. Alongside Sparrow, he fought the Crane Daughters and the Terror Priests, who followed Davos and the One. The dead spirit of Fooh redirected the chi of the residents of K'un-Lun that the One had secured to empower Iron Fist.[124] However, the One utilized Iron Fist as a conduit to break the barriers between the realms of the living and the dead, inadvertently freeing the deadly deity known as Zhu-Kong,[125] who punished the city of New York with his ire. Iron Fist surrendered to the One, merging with him and creating a giant android using Rand Tower. However, Iron Fist's source of power was depleted after Davos murdered the last incarnation of Shao-Lao; this act empowered Pei with the mantle of the Iron Fist. Ultimately, the One sacrificed his remaining life force to empower Rand, who gained forces to defeat Zhu-Kong with a final blow.[29]

In the aftermath of the battle, Sparrow rose as the new Yü-Ti and Rand took in Pei with him, becoming her tutor as the new Thunderer. Months later, Rand was in a relationship with Swanson and, after realizing he was in love with her, he asked her to move in with him, but was met with a brutal attack. As they fought, Swanson to shared her real story with him. As the illegitimate child of Harold Meachum, she blamed the Rand family for her father's misery and her tragic life. For years, she prepared a revenge plan to get close to Danny Rand and destroy him. However, being also in love with Rand, Swanson found herself unable to finish her plan. After their devastating date, Swanson left.[126]

All-New All-Different[]

After dealing with former Heroes for Hire employee Jennifer Royce turned evil, Luke and Iron Fist reverted to crime-fighting as the Heroes for Hire.[127]


Having access to the Book of Iron Fist, Pei revived the incarnations of Shou-Lao, including the infant version who empowered her and she took as a pet named Gork.[126] Living with Rand, she struggled to adapt herself to mundane life. Moreover, Rand faced legal problems concerning his guardianship over Pei and hire Madame Yeoh to help him take care of her. In secrecy, Madame Yeoh inspired Pei to use her powers to act as a hero. Meanwhile, Rand collaborated with Detective Li in investigating reports of missing people, a crisis related to demon interlopers.[128] Rand recognized the demons were linked to the Ten Exponential Scrolls, which ultimately could lead to the revival of the demon god Mara. Amidst combatting the demonic invasion, Rand was also able to rebuild his company. As one of Pei's schoolmates, Jayce, went missing, Rand's mission intertwined with her actions. He forbid her from intervening, much to her disappointment.[129] Tensions escalated as Pei gradually rebelled against Rand's harsh decisions regarding her education. In his war against the demons, Rand crossed paths with Aisyi, a warrior who also attempted to stop Mara from emerging on Earth[130] and helped Rand and Li in pinpointing their enemies. However, they were not able to prevent the ascension of Mara. Madame Yeoh revealed herself to be a daughter of the devil lord, having manipulated Pei,[131] driving her away from Rand for her interests in gaining K'un-Lun's immortal life for Mara. Aisyi was also revealed to be a daughter of Mara, who conspired against the Iron Fists to release her lord. Mara liberated Ch'i-Lin creatures to destroy the Iron Fists.[132]

During the battle, Rand had his heart ripped out of his chest by Mara. Mara offered Pei the chance of ending Rand's life and ascend as the only Iron Fist. Instead, in a gesture of sacrifice, Pei used her chi to revive Rand, allowing him to strike against Mara. This act banished Pei to a hellish gladiator realm and erased any memories about her from the minds of those who knew her.[132] The absence of memories about Pei caused confusion in Rand's life. Eventually, with Gork's help, he was able to recollect her existence. Using the Book of Iron Fist, Rand attempted to establish a chi connection with Pei in order to locate her, without initial success. In the gladiatorial arena, Pei was able to defeat a version of Shou-Lao who terrorize her, allowing Rand to pinpoint her energies and bring her back to Earth. Alongside Pei, Brenda Swanson also re-emerged, joining Shou-Lao. Together once again, the Iron Fists reconciled with each other, joining forces to protect Earth from forces of evil as Rand agreed with Pei using her skills and abilities to act as Iron Fist.[133]


Feeling himself disconnected from his spirituality, Iron Fist pushed his fighting skills to the limits, but failed to feel his mystical energies from Shou-Lao. The broken Iron Fist was approached by Choshin from the island of Liu-Shi, a place where a tournament of martial arts was held and could restore Iron Fist's power.[134] Danny Rand accepted the challenge and travelled to Liu-Shi to battle the champions of its seven houses. With each victory, his chi would be energized. In secrecy, the rulers of the seven houses of Liu-Shi planned to use Iron Fist in order for their society to replace K'un-Lun as one of the Heavenly Cities. As he progressed in his difficult adventure, Iron Fist befriended the young Hark, who acted as a guide. After defeating the champions of the Houses of the Eel,[135] the Rat, and the Snake, Iron Fist witnessed Hark being murdered in cold blood by Chosin's men.[136] By blaming Iron Fist for the murder, Chosin wished to damage his reputation to the other lordes of the Houses of Liu-Shi. Iron Fist was helped by the champion of the House of the Rabbit, who informed him Liu-Shi was formed by refugees from K'un-Lun. After the revelation, the champion battled Iron Fist in order for him to advance in the tournament. Emerging victorious against his amicable opponent, Iron Fist then faced the champions of the Houses of the Bear and the Bull, who attempted to assassinate him. Being victorious once again, he was ready for his last battle.[137] The last opponent, the Divine Wolf, was revealed to be the original Shu-Hu, the One, who served as a template for the mechanical beast created by Fooh and used by Yü-Ti in K'un-Lun. Shu-Hu easily outperformed Iron Fist. After Choshin tampered with the duel by unfairly attacking Rand, he found strength to defeat Shu-Hu. Having restored his spirituality, Iron Fist was seen by the people of Liu-Shi as a hero and returned home complete.[138]

Decided to travel back to K'un-Lun, Rand was attacked by mysterious undead agents from the Sight sent by the Seer. He was helped by Shang-Chi, who informed him there was a contract out on his life. However, Shang-Chi succumbed to the Seer's control.[139] Following a difficult battle, Iron Fist defeated the Seer and freed Shang-Chi. Rand then started to investigate the identity of who mandated his assassination.[140] Back home, Rand found the Book of Iron Fist to be missing, being stolen under Choshin's orders. The thief was revealed to be the new Constrictor, leading Rand to contact Sabretooth for information on the criminal.[141] As Iron Fist and Sabretooth hunted for the Book of Iron Fist, Choshin mobilized the champions of the Houses of Liu-Shi to acquire the stolen item from the Serpent Society.[142] Using the Book of Iron Fist, Choshin opened a portal to K'un-Lun, being followed by Iron Fist and Sabretooth.[143] In K'un-Lun, Sparrow resisted Choshin and his army. Iron Fist came to her aid, but she ordered him to protect the citizens instead as she battled Choshin. Using the Book of Iron Fist, Danny Rand teleported away[144] to bring Shou-Lao back from Rand Building to K'un-Lun, in order to destroy Choshin's army. Having bested Choshin in combat, Iron Fist left K'un-Lun one more time after saving it.[145]


After the destruction of Las Vegas by the Hydra Empire,[146] Doctor Strange cast a spell to restore the city. As a consequence, the devilish Mephisto erected the hellish Hotel Inferno in it, which influenced the citizens into acting based on instinct and impulse. For their sins, their souls were taken by Mephisto. Since Strange failed to stop Mephisto, his partner Wong assembled a group Midnight Sons to oppose Mephisto's forces. Iron Fist was recruited to join the team.[147] Mephisto corrupted Doctor Strange and the Avengers, which were the Midnight Sons' opponents.[148] During the fight against Mephisto and his minions, Iron Fist succumbed to the Penance Stare and was tormented with visions of his past sins, being freed by Fat Cobra. Ultimately, he stumbled upon the lost soul of Orson Randall in an illusory fight ring.[149] The scenario was ruled by the demon D'Kay. To torment Danny Rand since he refused to join the battles, D'Kay forced Randall fight Miranda Rand-K'ai for the salvation of their souls.[150] In desperation, Rand interrupted the fight and surrendered to D'Kay's demands. His opponents were the deadly Legion of Vengeance. In the deadly combat, Orson Randall's soul perished. However, in victory against the demons, Miranda was able to escape the ring of the undead.[151] After leaving, Iron Fist helped the Midnight Sons demote Mephisto, as he was replaced as King of Hell by Johnny Blaze.[152]


A deadly infectious being known as the Urchin caused those ill to act as monsters. Having initially surfaced in K'un-Lun, it started to claim victims on Earth, in Yancy Street. Sparrow went to Iron Fist for help in dealing with the crisis.[153] The Fantastic Four fell to the Urchin, being contacted by Iron Fist as he planned for an eradication. He contacted Luke Cage and Jessica Jones for assistance. They were also backed by the Avengers, who directed their might against the spread of the infection.[154] The Urchin was slain, but the infection did not cease and Luke Cage went missing. Jones forced Rand to babysit Dani Cage as she searched for Cage alongside Pei. With his goddaughter, Iron Fist met the League of International Magic Practitioners to cast a spell to erect a protective shield against the contagion[155] and prepare a cure. The few remaining heroes resisted until the limit.[156] After Pei and the lunatic Moon Knight were subdued, the Urchin's collective consciousness eroded from within, cleansing the infected.[157]

Heart of the Dragon[]

Fooh adapted the Randall Machine to access all Heavenly Cities, allowing Iron Fist to explore them with more ease. Their first destination was the Under City, only to find it taken by a horde of undead warriors from the Eighth City. The Heavenly Cities' dragons were targeted for hearts by a mysterious villain. Iron Fist found Taskmaster to have been tasked to attack the Under City and immediately realized Gork and Pei were in danger. In Rand Tower, Gork was hunted by Lady Bullseye, who was fended off by Cage and forced to retreat by Iron Fist. In the Heart of Heaven, the goddess of mercy Quan Yin then contacted Iron Fist, informing him the immortal weapon Tiger's Beautiful Daughter had been slain and that defending the undying dragons was imperative.[158] In order to accomplish that, Iron Fist was tasked of manifesting the Heavenly Cities on Earth, where the dragons would be protected by heroes. Fooh built the mechanism for it, summoning the immortal weapons Dog Brother #1, the Bride of Nine Spiders, and Fat Cobra. In the portal to the Eighth City, Iron Fist and his allies found the assassin Midnight Sun to be another dragon slaying agent.[159] Back to Earth, Iron Fist assessed how the Heavenly Cities emerged all over the globe. In Tokyo, he joined Radiance in protecting one of the dragons before being transported by Fooh to protect the remaining dragons.[160]

Having travelled across the globe, Iron Fist and his allies were ultimately contacted by the Prince of Orphans, who informed them about the Dora Milaje of Wakanda Okoye joining the mission and being sent by him to the Heart of Heaven. In horror, they unexpectedly witnessed Okoye claim two of the dragons' hearts.[161] After Okoye absorbed the chi energies of the dragons of heaven, Iron Fist faced her in combat. Quan Yin interrupted the fight to explain Okoye was a warrior against the real evil dragon-slayer, the macabre Hierophant, who arrived at the Heart of Heaven with his prime agent, Brenda Swanson, now seeking revenge against Iron Fist as Yama Dragonsbane. While Fooh distracted the Hierophant by bringing him to Rand Tower, Iron Fist and the others traveled to the Eighth City to destroy the Hierophant's undead army but were attacked by the last surviving dragon besides Gork, the Ghost Dragon.[162] In a desperate move, Pei reluctantly allowed Okoye to sacrifice Gork and claim its heart. This was followed by Danny Rand fully transferring his powers as Iron Fist to Okoye, so she could end the Hierophant as he returned to the Eighth City. As an act of mercy, Rand spared Swanson from being executed by the Immortal Weapons. Unable to return the Iron Fist power to Danny Rand, Okoye relinquished it to Shou-Lao's newly reborn egg. As the Iron Fist title and power was vacant, Danny Rand decided to live life to the fullest.[31]

Iron Fist Vol 6 1 Gunji Variant Textless

Iron Fist No More!

Although powerless and trying to maintain an ordinary life, Danny Rand still faced issues regarding the power of Iron Fist. In a Chinese antique shop, he was randomly caught between a fight between Chiyou's demon army and an all-new Iron Fist. His identity was Lin Lie, the former member of the Agents of Atlas known as the Sword Master, who was saved from death on the shores of K'un-Lun by the chi of the unborn Shou-Lao. Lin Lie searched for the remains of his Sword of Fu Xi, being hunted by agents of his nemesis Chiyou in the process. Intrigued by his successor, Rand followed him and attempted to reason with him to learn about his origins, but was met with rejection.[163] As footage of the new Iron Fist and Mei Min, his Thunderer, fighting in Shanghai emerged on social media, Rand planned to access K'un-Lun to investigate.[164] At Rand's request, the Immortal Weapons Fat Cobra and the Bride of Nine Spiders tracked down Lin Lie in Gansu,[165] but he managed to escape before Rand could meet him again.[137] As Lin Lie was attacked by Chiyou's champion Lin Feng, his own brother, Danny Rand assembled his and Lin Lie's companions for help. Rand also contacted Sparrow and the warriors of K'un-Lun to act as reinforcements. Unfortunately, this allowed Lin Feng to access K'un-Lun and trap its resident warriors on Earth. Rand offered sanctuary to the displaced citizens using Rand Corporation's resources. Moreover, he also offered to train Lin Lie to master the power of Iron Fist.[166]

Gang War[]

In an effort to spite vigilantism, especially Daredevil, Mayor Wilson Fisk outlawed superhero activity in New York City. The urban super heroes rebelled against such an act, with Danny Rand being alerted by Cage. Despite no longer being Iron Fist, Rand was still hunted down, being attacked by Crossbones and the Thunderbolt Units at his office in Rand Corporation. Despite his best efforts, Rand was arrested[167] and sent to the Myrmidon Prison. Eventually, him and other captive heroes escaped incarceration.[168] Fisk was defeated and stripped of his position of mayor, being substituted by an elected Luke Cage.[169] However, Fisk's Anti-Vigilant Act was upheld, which actually harmed well-intentioned vigilantes and enacted superhuman criminality. Cage himself felt oppressed by the act and, after discussing its repercussions with Rand, secretly returned to vigilantism and planned to create a team to combat crime by being inspired by their days as the free Heroes for Hire. Cage's main target was the criminal underworld, which had succumbed to a war.[170]

Rand was recruited by Cage for his mission. Their enemy was Alistaire Smythe, who fed criminals with superhuman technology based on adamantium. Rand located Smythe's laboratory but was incapacitated by being shot with an adamantium bullet.[171] After recovering from his injuries, Rand helped defend City Hall from Smythe's Spider-Slayers. The formidable machines proved too difficult to defeat and Danny Rand retreated to his corporation's building, where he was able to deploy the Cagebuster armor for Cage to fight.[172] Smythe's creations were defeated, but he was only one of the many villains who terrorized the city. As such, the rebel heroes redirected their might against other menaces, challenging the validity of the Anti-Vigilant Act.[173]

Forming another assembly of heroes, Cage then opposed Shang-Chi's Five Weapons Society.[174] Rand provided the team with intel about Shang-Chi. As the group confronted Shang-Chi, most were left incapacitated by several traps, leaving Danny Rand to face Shang-Chi in combat. Realizing Shang-Chi did not fight to his full potential, Rand suspected him holding back hid a secret plan. In fact, Shang-Chi kept the heroes busy so he would have them as reinforcements against several gangs, namely the Inner Demons, Clan Yulan, and Hydra in order to confront the war among gangs in New York City.[175] In a final showdown in Central Park to defeat the gangs, Danny Rand and Shang-Chi teamed up to oppose a fleet of tanks.[176]


Power Grid[201]
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Peak Human Physical Conditioning: Rand is an Olympic-level athlete and gymnast.[citation needed]

Meditation: Rand is a master of meditation and relaxation techniques.[citation needed] He can enter a trance-like state to ignore pain and slow his heart rate.[citation needed]

Master Martial Artist: Rand is a master of K'un-Lun's martial arts,[citation needed] and is proficient in many of Earth's martial arts, including but not limited to: Kunlunquan,[citation needed] Shaolinquan,[citation needed] Fujian White Crane,[188] Judo,[64] Aikido,[189] Wing Chun,[190] Ninjutsu,[191] Muay Thai,[188] Karate,[64] Boxing,[citation needed] and even loose street fighting tactics.[citation needed] Recently, he has gained access to the knowledge, experience, and skills of all the Iron Fists before him.[citation needed] When temporarily blinded by Sabretooth, he was able to still defeat the lethal mutant, without even using his chi powers.[citation needed] He is also skilled in unique chi based techniques, such as the "Drunken style" that masks him from such things as Spider-Man's Spider-Sense and Mister X's telepathic reflexes.[citation needed] The Iron Fist is trained to be a "Living Weapon," making them one of the best martial artists in the world;[citation needed] having held his own against Wolverine,[189] as well as Captain America.[citation needed] Rand also fought and holds notable victories over Gorgon,[citation needed] Sabretooth,[11] Batroc,[46] Black Dragon,[192] Black Panther,[193] Nightshade,[citation needed] Spider-Man,[citation needed] Daredevil,[194] Colossus,[citation needed] and Nightcrawler.[citation needed] He also possesses infinite ways to kill a man,[35] such as the Black-Black Poison Touch, which uses his chi to kill anyone in the close vicinity.[35]

Weapons Master: He has been trained in the use of almost all martial arts weapons.[citation needed]

Nervous System Control: Rand has near-complete control over his nervous system, enabling him to deaden himself to pain, but not during a fight, as it takes a lot of concentration.[citation needed] He can also resist the effects of drugs or poisons, slow down the rate at which he bleeds, as well as is able pass lie detector tests.[citation needed]

Pressure Point Locator: Rand can locate different pressure points on a human's body to incapacitate, paralyze, severely injure, or kill a person.[195] He has shown himself to be capable of landing pressure point attacks on the likes of Spider-Man.[196]

Master Acrobat: Rand is an extremely skilled acrobat capable of many difficult feats.[102]

Multilingual: He can speak fluent in K'un-Lun,[citation needed] English, Chinese,[citation needed] and has a limited vocabulary in Japanese.[citation needed]



Iron Fist's Suit: When he was transported to another dimension together with the Eye of Agamotto, Doctor Strange's mentor, the Ancient One appeared to him. Iron Fist was then sent back to Earth, with a new outfit that was provided by the Ancient One and gave the Iron Fist immunity to magic.[citation needed]


  • The creation of Iron Fist drew inspiration from Bill Everett's golden age super hero, Amazing-Man, first published in 1939. Everett designed Amazing-Man based on the novel Lost Horizon, which featured the remote paradise of Shangri-La in the Himalayas. Similarly to Iron Fist, Amazing Man was trained by monks and faced trials to acquire super powers in a lost city in Tibet. In order to exploit the ascension of the Kung Fu film genre in the 1970s, Roy Thomas envisioned "Iron Fist" as a new martial artist hero, being directly inspired by the film King Boxer, a.k.a. Five Fingers of Death. He invited Gil Kane to co-create the new hero with him. Kane proposed to replicate Amazing-Man's origin, which Thomas agreed with by including additional adaptation.[197] Marvel Premiere #15, featuring Iron Fist for the first time, was published in 1974, approximately one year after Bill Everett had passed away. In this debut issue, Thomas and Kane dedicated the series to Everett's memory.
  • Iron Fist was selected by Rolling Stones in their list of Hottest Avengers. He omits the fact he was #77.[198]
  • The idea of the alien costume that would become Spider-Man's famous black suit and later his enemy Venom was originally conceived by Iron Fist penciler John Byrne for Danny Rand. Byrne intended to introduce the concept of a self-healing alien suit because of how often Iron Fist's costume was damaged in battle, and he didn't particularly envision Danny as a the type of character that would sit down to sew up his torn costumes or patch them over.[199]

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