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Daniel Rand was a superhero and member of Heroes for Hire along with his friend Luke Cage, who used the career of superhero as a way of making money by working for hire.

Iron Fist and Luke Cage were hired by Hank Pym to track down the thief who stole his Ant-Man suit and equipment, which they agreed as long as he payed well.

Iron Fist asked Cage why Pym asked for their help since he's an Avenger and could have asked help from his teammates. After understanding Cage's reply, he told Luke saying: "We're working with the Avengers now. Power Man and Iron Fist working with the Avengers. Kinda exciting", which annoys Cage hearing his hero name.

Then they encountered Mangler and Scythe in the alley who immediately fought them, which resulted the henchmen's defeat. After the clash, Fist theorized that those two ran into the thief in the Ant-Man suit and used his chi to sense the culprit's arrival.

The two heroes immediately engaged the thief who beaten them in less than a minute. After that, Cage told Fist not to tell to anyone about their defeat ever again which he agreed.

After realizing that the thief was indeed Scott Lang who used Hank's suit to get the money he needed in exchange for his daughter held hostage by William Cross. They followed Scott and engaged Crossfire and his henchmen.

After the battle, Fist had asked Scott that if he needed a job, which he agreed to join the Heroes for Hire.[1]

When the Avengers were taken out of time by Kang, Iron Fist was one of the heroes chosen for the new team. He constantly argued with Luke, that what was happening was more important than money. He, Luke, Wolverine, Thing and War Machine acted as a distraction while Spider-Man sabotaged the time drive and returned the Avengers to the present.[citation needed]

He was part of Captain America's team in New York to take down Terrax during the invasion of Galactus. After Galactus was defeated, he left to leave credit to the Avengers.[citation needed]


Seemingly those of Daniel Rand of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Daniel Rand of Earth-616.

Strength level

Able to hold on his own in combat

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