Daniel Rand accompanied Luke Cage to the inauguration of a library in Harlem rebuilt with money gathered by Tony Stark from his rich friends, after having been destroyed by a battle including Norman Osborn and the Iron Patriot Armor. He was there allegedly in a function of body-guard, although he seemed to be more here for the buffet.

The ceremony was soon attacked by the Iron Men-like robots of Donald Birch. The two heroes were asked by Tony to protect him the time his armor booted up, but they were quickly put out of fight, and Stark was abducted.

Luke and Danny were later seen, witnessing the rise of the Dark Phoenix, soon followed by the destruction of Earth.

Daniel Rand was one of the heroes watched on by Birch, having in some way a link with his plans.[1]


Seemingly those of the Danny Rand of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Danny Rand of Earth-616.

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