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After capturing the original Iron Fist in the mystical city of K'un-Lun, The H'ylthri created, with their unique organic methods, an imposter of Daniel Rand the Iron Fist. This imposter returned to New York City with Colleen Wing and Iron Fist's partner Luke Cage.[citation needed]

Although the H'ylthri Iron Fist's personality appeared somewhat different, Cage and Colleen deduced that this had to do with Rand's recent bout with cancer, his near death experience, and his meditations and mystical journeys with his friend and mentor Lei Kung. In fact, the H'ylthri Iron Fist believed that he was actually Daniel Rand and assumed the same nobility and heroic nature of the original Immortal Iron Fist.

Daniel Rand (H'ylthri) (Earth-616) from Power Man and Iron Fist Vol 1 124 001.png

Due to the frequent absences and the distant nature of the H'ylthri Iron Fist, the romantic relationship between Iron Fist and his girlfriend Misty Knight became extremely strained.[1] The H'ylthri Iron Fist appeared to have a beneficial relationship with his former employer Maxine Walters. For example, Walters felt comfortable spending the night and showering in the H'ylthri's Iron Fist's home.

The H'ylthri Iron Fist died nobly trying to save Captain Hero (actually Super Skrull in disguise).[2] However, months later the ruse of the H'ylthri Iron Fist was discovered by the Sub-Mariner, Colleen Wing and Daniel Rand's girlfriend Misty Knight.[3] Upon an examination of the "Iron Fist's" remains they saw that the body had decomposed to plant-like matter. Their investigation took them to the H'ylthri race in K'un-Lun where they were eventually able to rescue the real Danny Rand.[citation needed]



Seemingly those of Daniel Rand of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Daniel Rand of Earth-616.


  • This character was retconned into being automaton by John Byrne.
  • The H'ylthri Iron Fist wore a red costume for several months, considering himself not worthy to wear the colors of K'un Lun. He switched back over to his green attire in Power Man and Iron Fist #124.

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