Later a doctor specializing in blood diseases, Daniel was the first boyfriend of the Sensational She-Hulk and her next door neighbour during childhood.[1]

He and his wife attended Christmas Dinner with the Walters when Jennifer Walters briefly returned to human form.[2]

He was later called on to treat Jen when War Zone's toxins began to eliminate her power.[1]

After the Sensational She-Hulk’s death, he revived her, as her gamma radiation preserved her mind and body. He restored it and used electric shocks to restart her heart.[3] Still having feelings for her, he kissed her, which was overseen by his wife who thought he was being seduced by She-Hulk.

After Sensational She-Hulk went savage, he diagnoses it as a side effect of her revival. He kissed her again, and she stormed off, reminding him he was married.[4]

When he saw the Sensational She-Hulk attacked by War Zone live on air, he went to her aid with a neutralising suit, destroying War Zone before it could self-destruct.[5]

When the Sensational She-Hulk went savage again, she tried to kill Zapper, believing he had engineered War Zone to attack her so he could heal her and win back her affection, but the Incredible Hulk stopped her. She still threw him from a building, but he was caught by the Hulk. As the fight between the Sensational She-Hulk and the Incredible Hulk spread across town, Zapper followed in a helicopter, and later restored Jennifer Walters’ powers by giving her a new blood transfusion from the Incredible Hulk, and agreeing to marriage counselling with Christine.[6]


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