Danielle was a prepubescent girl caught in the crossfire between drug lords in Florida. She was fatally shot through the chest. Somehow, she became an Ultra and resurrected after her death. Danielle was now a woman in her late teens / early 20's, although her mind remained that of a child. She also kept the gaping bullet wound in her chest, which did not bleed or cause her pain.[1]

Danielle was "adopted" by Hellblade, the only surviving drug lord in the crossfire. Hellblade had a revelation during the exchange and turned from the path of darkness. He took Danielle in to care for her as he became a vigilante. Danielle briefly met the Exiles after Hellblade joined the team, but left him behind under unrevealed circumstances.[2]

Danielle first appeared in a multi-part back-up feature running through several Ultraverse comics in the last month before Black September. Chapter One was printed in both Prime #26 and Codename: Firearm #4.

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