Surviving the Decimation of the mutants, Dani Moonstar lived within Fortress X, protecting it with her comrades of the Mutant Resistance.[1]

When Legacy began to question the mysterious nature of Fortress X Magneto dispatched Dani and her team, the Moonstar Cadre, to track her down. The team were successful in this endeavour up until Gambit's interaction on Legacy's behalf.[2]

When Magneto seemingly executed Legacy and Gambit for their insubordination, Dani was among those shaken and unconvinced by the spectacle, prompting the voice of Fortress X to send her cadre to interrogate Magneto also. Magneto however implored her to agree that there was indeed a conspiracy surrounding them all and to hold off her attack until he, Kitty Pryde and the reawakened Professor Xavier could produce solid evidence, to which she conceded. This deal was interrupted however by the sudden entrance of the Force Warriors - claiming jurisdiction over the fortress. In reaction to this Dani defended Professor Xavier whilst he explained the sinister identity of Fortress X's voice.[3]

The Dani Moonstar of Age of X is significantly crueller and more hostile than her mainstream counterpart, most likely having been hardened by the harsh existence of Age of X. However her willingness to hear Magneto out proves she is still an honest person at heart.


Seemingly those of Danielle Moonstar (Earth-616).

Despite Wanda Maximoff having never depowered most of mutantkind in The Age of X reality, Dani displayed no sign of having mutant powers and instead relies on her athletic ability and weapons to combat foes.

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