Danielle Moonstar was a minion of Apocalypse and a member of his Pale Riders. She was a spy, tasked with listening in on the goings on in the Ghost Dance, a religious group praying for the death of Apocalypse and the first step in the "Infernal Gallop" that led refugees to Avalon. After learning that Nightcrawler was seeking passage to Avalon, she was tasked by Apocalypse with following Nightcrawler alongside her fellow Pale Riders Damask and Dead Man Wade.[1]

The sadistic Moonstar found pleasure in cutting up Dead Man Wade during the lulls in their tracking. Eventually Damask got annoyed with Dani's constant torturing of Wade and killed her, an act that Damask found most pleasurable.[2]

Despite her demise, Moonstar was later seen as a member of the Morlocks, survivors of the Dark Beast and Sinister's pens. After Magneto and the X-Men finally defeated the tyrant Apocalypse the world began to heal as humans and mutants allied with one another and began to rebuild. In their search for fellow mutants after Apocalypse's downfall, Magneto and the X-Men found the Morlocks living in the sewers. Magneto wished for the Morlocks to return to the surface, but the Morlocks preferred to be left in peace, fearing they would be put back in cages. Not trusting the surface dwellers, Moonstar and her fellow Morlocks attacked. She used her powers to torment Magneto with memories of Apocalypse, Jean Grey's resurrection, and the secret that he was hiding Sinister until she was struck by Dazzler. With Magneto downed, the X-Men came to his aid and Moonstar and the Morlocks fled.[3]


Seemingly those of her mainstream counterpart: Danielle Moonstar (Earth-616)#Powers.



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