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Danielle was one of the prisoners at the Danger Room Prison Complex under the supervision of Warden Forge. She along with almost everyone else saw former X-Man, Bishop, in the facility,[1] after his arrest by Department X.[2]

After a fight broke out with Bishop against Hank McCoy, Danielle broke it up when she told Hank what she saw was an innocent talk between he and Gabby Kinney. After Beast left, Danielle talked with Bishop about how he would learn his way around, but for the time being should keep his head down.

During some time in the yard, Bishop found Lorna Dane on the bleachers and headed toward her in order to find out if she is going through the same thing as him, but Dani interrupted as she told Bishop that Lorna wasn't going to speak due to having had a bad day.

Danielle spent the remainder of her time with Bishop as he asked his questions about the universe being all wrong, and about having certain memories about the people he just met, which made him feel like he had known them forever. Dani agreed that she went through some of those same things that he had mentioned. She then told Bishop that she really did not remember why she was in the prison in the first place.[1]

She seemingly perished along with the rest of the planet when Magneto used the Life Seed to allow some of the mutants to leave the Age of X-Man.[3]


Seemingly those of the Danielle Moonstar of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Danielle Moonstar of Earth-616.


Formerly the Valkyrior Steed Brightwind.[1]

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