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Quote1.png The new Spider-Man is brown. He's a kid of color. This is huge!!! Quote2.png
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Danika Hart is a YouTube blogger who attends New York University in Manhattan.[1] After the new Spider-Man got his costume damaged in a battle with a demon, who had defeated the Avengers, Danika published a video where she celebrated the fact the new Spider-Man was "a kid of color." Miles was shown this video by his friend Ganke Lee, but was upset as he didn't want to be known as the "Black Spider-Man."[2]

After Spider-Man disappeared, Ganke convinced her to publish a video asking her viewers to warn her if they found out anything about him. Although hesitant at first, she agreed and they spent the night on her perch looking at the sky, while waiting for some news.[3] Danika continued hanging out with Ganke afterwards and they started dating. Since he didn't want to risk her deducing Miles' identity through him, Danika agreed to call him by the fake name of Ned.[4] Unfortunately, Ganke eventually blurted out Miles' name by accident.[5] Danika looked into how much she could make by selling out a superhero's identity,[1] but dropped the idea since she realized she was in love with Ganke, and admitted this to him through a letter.[6]

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