Boss Cage was sent to investigate the arrival of the Thunderbolts and their Thunderbolts Tower. A short battle between the Thunderbolts and Boss Cage ensued before they were joined by the Outlanders who knocked Boss Cage and forced him to set off his bike, in an attempt to kill the two groups. During this fight he also managed to implant a listening device on Mr. Hyde and used it to keep track of the group. Boss Cage returned to Mondo City and found the Boss Enforcement Council discussing his retirement and replacement by a fifth cloned version of Danny and Boss Cage went to the infirmary to recover.

When the Thunderbolts and Outsiders attacked the city, Boss Cage went to the Tower since he overhead this was where they were heading to in order to help them prevent this future from happening. After assisting the Thunderbolts return to there time to prevent this from happening, Boss Cage seemingly faded from existence.[1]

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