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Danny French was a mercenary for hire, doing whatever it took to get a job done, and used whatever he could to enhance his personal gain. His earliest recorded escapades had him employed by Damon Dran to collect a device called Project 4, an energy globe of incalculable power. During his mission with the Black Widow to obtain this device, it became apparent that their employer intended to double-cross them, and so Danny took the globe into his possession and used it to blackmail those he sought to gain from.[citation needed]

In recent history during the time when the Black Widow had relocated to San Francisco with lawyer Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil), Danny French attempted to contact the Widow. The two eventually resolved to deal with Project: 4, the one mission they left outstanding, however, the two were captured by their former employer.[citation needed]

Dran then brainwashed the Widow to attack Daredevil and then extract the location of the globe from Danny's mind. Dran then used the power of the globe to become the Indestructible Man. Danny was freed by Daredevil but nobly sacrificed his life by smashing the globe. Depowering Dran, both were seemingly killed in the resulting explosion. Dran has since resurfaced alive and well due to the powers he gained from the globe.[citation needed]

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Danny is an accomplished spy, mercenary, and blackmailer. He is well trained in various fighting styles, and weapons.



Danny once possessed "Project: 4", a powerful energy sphere of unknown composition. He would use its energy emanations to cause earthquakes, which would be used to threaten those he wished to blackmail into giving him what he wants. This device has since been destroyed.

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