Danny Summers was a wealthy friend of Frank Drake. When Drake squandered his personal fortune, he went to Danny to attempt to get a loan, which Danny flatly refused[1]. This last refusal of a loan led Frank Drake to attempt to cash in his ownership of Castle Dracula, which brought a return of Dracula, and plunged Drake into a quest to destroy his age old ancestor.

A few years later after fighting alongside Quincy Harker's vampire hunters and forming a romance with Rachel van Helsing, Frank needed time away to rediscover who he was during a time that the hunters thought Dracula to be dead[2][3]. Frank contacted his old friend Danny who offered him a job working for his new company Summers Inc. which was involved in a government dig in Brazil[4].

Danny took Frank to the site of his most recent dig[5], which Frank eventually learned that all its workers were really zombies. As it turned out, Danny was hired by Dracula to eliminate Frank Drake[6]. Frank escaped this deathtrap with the aid of Brother Voodoo[7]

After defeating the zombies, Brother Voodoo revealed to Frank that Danny Summers was responsible for summoning the zombies. Tracking Danny down, Frank punched him out and demanded to know who it was that hired Danny to try and murder him. Danny revealed that Dracula was his employer and that he had no choice because the vampire lord put him under a hypnotic spell. Although Frank was reluctant to believe Danny, he let him go anyway[8].

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