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Don Rigoletto was an infamous mafia boss and the predecessor to Wilson Fisk the future Kingpin of Crime, who was Rigoletto's bodyguard. An old-time mobster he rejected proposals to move into prostitution and drugs like other gangs.[1] During a later meeting with his generals, he once more turned down proposals to get into criminal enterprises that he considered repellant. It was during this time that he ordered that his son, Dante be killed.[2] However, this order was never carried out as Don Rigoletto was murdered shortly thereafter.

There are three accounts of conflicting accounts of Don Rigoletto's death. In the original account, after the meeting in which he ordered his son killed, Don Rigoletto asked Fisk to give him a neck massage. Instead, Fisk snapped his neck, killing him instantly and then usurped control of his mob.[1] The second account of Don Rigoletto's account [2]

This conflict with a more recent recollection made byMiles Morales. In this recollection, Wilson Fisk and Morales confronted the Don at the Bar With No Name over allegations that he skimming money off payments made to Fisk and Morales. Seeing this as a coup, Rigoletto was willing turn-over control to Fisk, but when Wilson claimed that it was actually Morales who was taking over he refused to allow that to happen. What happened next is unrecorded, but presumably, the Don was shot to death as Wilson Fisk was seen shortly after with blood spatters on his shirt.[3]

It is interesting to note that to most accounts, Don Rigoletto wore an eye-patch over his right eye. In the Morales recollection, he does not. It is entirely possible that this was not the original Don Rigoletto, but a succeeding family member hence the conflicting account and lack of an eye-patch. However, at this present time, any explanation for this discrepancy is purely speculative.

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