Danwei Province is a border-state in northeastern China, near Russia. It was the site of an international incident involving Alpha Flight. When the Chinese army attempted to seize a lamasery who they believed preached sedition and abetted anti-government movements, former Alpha Flight member Puck (who was seeking the high lama of the lamasery), used explosives to attack the soldiers. The priests used their magics to protect the lamasery with a force field preventing any who wished them harm from entering. Puck was able to pass through and met with the high lama. He explained his desire to find new adventures in new worlds. The lama showed him his former teammates in Alpha Flight in battle in Liveworld. The lama then opened a portal between the two. Simultaneously, the army released the Jade Dragon on the barrier, breaking it and allowing troops to enter. After encountering the Canadian super-heroes and the invading forces of the Dreamqueen, the platoon leader called for backup. The build-up of Chinese troops near the Russian border lead the Russians to amass their own troops. This caused the United States of America to respond by re-targeting its nuclear deterrents to the area. It was only when Alpha Flight was transported away and the Chinese troops withdrew that the incident was resolved.[1]

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