Daphne was a minor nature deity among the Olympian pantheon. In ancient history, she was pursued by Apollo. She fled him and in order to escape begged the gods for help, who in turn transformed her into a laurel tree.

Eventually restored to humanoid form once more, Daphne came to reside on Olympus. When Olympus was moved to the planet Venus, she lived there as well. In 1949, Zeus (then calling himself under his Roman named of Jupiter) returned from a leave of absence. Noticing that Aphrodite (then calling herself Venus) had abandoned the Olympians to live among the mortals of Earth became furious. He attempted to force her to return to Olympus, but agreed to a challenge: Venus had to find a mortal couple with everlasting love within a week or be forced to return to Olympus.

Venus found this in the couple Meg Saunder and Danny Lane who were scheduled to be married in a week. Seeking to prevent the couple from being broken apart by the machinations of Jupiter, she took them on a vacation to Hollywood as Jupiter despised actors. Jupiter instead sent Apollo and Daphne to Earth, having them disguise themselves as wealthy mortals Renee Andre and Rona Belladonna. As "Rona Belladonna", Daphne attempted to seduce Danny, but her attempts to do so did not begin to work until both she and Apollo framed Meg for "Renee's" murder.

However, before Daphne could use her charm on Danny and make him kiss her, Venus appeared and used her godly powers to force Daphne to reveal Jupiter's plan and also forced Apollo to reveal that he was never really dead. With Meg and Danny married, Daphne and Apollo were returned to Olympus and Jupiter allowed Venus to stay on Earth.[1]

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