Dara Ko Eke was a Badoon Moord, an offshot created by the Kree. She went through Amphogenesis, the process that grants her people powers. Obtaining psionic abilities, she became called the All-Knowing.[1]

Universal Inhumans and Light Brigade

She became a member of the Light Brigade among the Universal Inhumans. The Brigade were sent through Eldrac to the Negative Zone to participate in a great challenge of their abilities.[3]

The team was captured by Arthrosians in Negative Zone, and Annihilus made ​​them fight on the arena to the death against the Arthrosian champions. When Human Torch was captured, he teamed up with the Light Brigade and they escaped. They attacked Annihilus and Johnny took away his Cosmic Control Rod. After that, Johnny opened a portal to the Baxter Building and they all returned to Earth.[4]


Her power is psionic in nature, and seems to be an ability to feel the feelings of others. She has control over her powers and can "choose what to let in", but will nevertheless feel surrounding people's emotions.[1]

  • Dara Ko Eke appears to be homosexual, and has done "the talking-but-more-than-talking" (her way to describe flirting as she didn't know the word) over Swain.[1]

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