Susan and Darby Dean were a happily married couple who were also anti-mutant activists. When they learned that one of their two unborn twin daughters would be a mutant, they agreed to terminate the mutant fetus. However, during the procedure, the "normal" fetus moved to protect its sibling. All action was stopped but it was revealed that the mutant fetus was seemingly destroyed. However, the fetus was not destroyed, it was transferred to another dimension by its sister, Laura, who was also a mutant.

Laura grew up as an autistic, communicating rarely with the world. Her parents, in an effort to help her, sent her to the New Life Clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia. However, while there, Laura was drafted into the Derangers, after which she joined Beta Flight.

The deans were apparently unaware of their daughter's location and activities. When Alpha Flight was put on trial, news footage aired internationally by the media showed the Deans their daughter fighting alongside the team. They later pursued this lead to Ottawa, shortly after Laura was injured by Wild Child. They offered her a blood transfusion and to take her home when they learned that Heather Hudson, leader of Alpha Flight, intended to file for custody of Laura and her sister Goblyn.

While visiting Laura, she suddenly woke up and transported the Deans and Beta Flight to LiveWorld to save Goblyn from the DreamQueen. Upon eventual return to earth the Deans left their daughters in the care of Alpha Flight and have not been heard from since.



Strength level

Normal human.

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