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Quote1.png I admire Mr. Murdock's beliefs, but in the courtroom I'm familiar with, we deal in facts! And the reality is, vigilantes do exist! Soon, they're carry the mark of the cities that parent them. We can expect something grim and vengeful in response to Gotham's malignant rot... just as New York's relentless pace will likely grind out a stubborn hothead! Quote2.png
Harvey Dent

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It's Billy Club vs. Batarang when DD meets the Dark Knight. When you think about it, Daredevil and Batman have a lot in common. Both lost their parents at a young age, both prowl urban jungles, and both strike fear in the hearts of superstitious and cowardly criminals. So why are they at each other's throats? Maybe it's because Batman has chased Two-Face and Mr Hyde into the Big Apple and is soon to learn that he's not in Gotham City anymore.


  • Editors-in-chief are Bob Harras and Jenette Kahn.
  • The credits page uses the Elseworlds banner. This was probably done on account of how the story revealed that Matt Murdock and Harvey Dent knew each other back in their law school days.

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