Quote1 You locked him...In a truck...Full of guns?! Quote2
-- Sheriff Cole

Appearing in "Reborn, Chapter Two"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Blind Boy (Billy)


  • Sheriff Cole
  • Peabody (deputy)
  • Drake (deputy)

Other Characters:

  • Billy's mother
  • Sheriff's receptionist
  • Pike
  • D.E.A. (Mentioned)
  • A.T.F. (Mentioned)




Synopsis for "Reborn, Chapter Two"

Matt Murdock is ambushed by two cops Peabody and Drake at the quarry after discovering skeletons of policemen. After a quick battle they find themselves handcuffed to the steering wheel of their own car, hanging by the cable of the crane. They attempt to threaten Matt, but do not prevail. Matt calls the local sheriff to tell him where his men are, and says he wants just to be left alone. The sheriff arrives to find his men handcuffed to a heater in an old shack at the quarry, while Matt watches from a rooftop. Along the highway, a transport truck is forced to stop because of a trashed police car in the middle of the road. Matt tells them that the sheriff intends on hijacking the guns being transported when one of the drivers knocks him unconscious and puts him in the back. Back in the town, the truck is brought to a drop-off station where the sheriff and local men are waiting. Just before Sheriff Cole kills the drivers to ensure they won't talk about the drug and arms deal that will occur, Matt shoots a hole through the side of the truck and leaps out into the crowd of men.

Solicit Synopsis

He thought he had left his crime-fighting days behind him. Guilt-ridden and alone, the man who would be Daredevil turned his back on the life he once knew, and fled into the New Mexico desert. But when he stumbles across small-town corruption that threatens to erupt into something altogether more deadly, he finds that he cannot deny the hero within...

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