Quote1 You have walked the path of the self-righteous, and where has it led you...? Only to pain, and suffering, and death. It has led you to me. Quote2
-- Calavera

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Synopsis for "Reborn, Chapter Three"

Matt evades their gunfire and hides behind a forklift, where he explains to them that he picked the lock on his handcuffs with a smoke grenade pin, and throws the grenade shortly after. Coming out from behind the forklift, he knocks out and disarms most of them. In the confusion, Sheriff Cole mistakes Deputy Peabody for Matt and shoots and kills him on accident.

With the smoke about to clear, Matt takes the truck filled with guns and leaves. But Cole and Deputy Drake follow alongside him in a squad car with Pike behind them. Hoping to lose them, Matt slams the truck into the side of the squad car, screeching it to a halt, which leads to Pike crashing his pickup truck into it.

Now that Matt has gotten away, Drake and Pike fear what Calavera, their boss, will do to them. Pike even claims that he can strip a person's soul. In town, Billy sees that his mother is asleep and pours her vodka down the drain. Then, he looks outside and sees a white limo with several cars following behind it.

Standing on the quarry where he previously held Peabody and Drake hostage, Matt puts a bar on the accelerator of the truck, driving itself into the lake below. The white limo and cars pull up in front of him, and from the limo emerges Calavera. Behind him stands several agents, two of which are holding Cole.

When Matt tells Calavera what he did with the guns, Calavera explains his agreement with Cole, where he had to deliver guns in exchange for heroin. Calavera asks why he did this, even though he knew that they would come for him. Matt says it is because he couldn't allow guns that would kill innocent people to be on the street. Thinking that he is lying to himself, Calavera removes his glasses and looks into Matt's eyes. Suddenly, Matt sees all of the things he feels guilty for, including the deaths of Elektra, Bullseye, and Karen Page, as well as what happened to Milla Donovan and the events of Shadowland. Horrified, Matt asks how he can do this, so Calavera explains that he can split open a person's soul and show it to them. Then, Calavera shoots Matt in the head, sending him into the lake.

Solicit Synopsis

He thought he was unworthy to wear the mantle of hero. But now, trapped between a corrupt police department and a ruthless gang of killers. Matt Murdock learns that the legacy of Daredevil cannot be denied. One man can make a difference...

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