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Quote1.png No, it was no cop. Too many police are on my payroll for them to provide such a surprise. We face a new opponent. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Daredevil: The Man Without Fear"

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Synopsis for "Daredevil: The Man Without Fear"

Kingpin builds his criminal empire alongside his mercenaries and his right-hand man, Larks.

Matt graduates law school and gets a job at a large law firm in Boston. They send him to New York for a case where he reminisces about his childhood. He's stopped by a group of muggers, but deciding that they are no different than the bullies that taunted him as a child, he fights them and hurts them all severely. He then returns to his father's old gym, now abandoned, where he meets a young girl named Mickey. She reminds Matt of his younger self.

After weeks in New York, Matt runs into his former roommate Foggy Nelson and they catch up. He helps Foggy with a case against a slumlord, and Matt remembers that he became a lawyer because he wanted to do good.

Kingpin orders his men to cut costs in their film division. The order goes down the chain of command until two drug-addict criminals are ordered to kidnap a young girl. They kidnap Mickey.

Matt leaves for the airport so he can go back to Boston, but decides to say goodbye to Mickey first. Upon reaching the gym he finds her hat on the ground, which he had never known her to take off. He uses the address in her hat to find her home. The criminals call the home to ransom her. One of the criminals calls her boss to tell him that the kid is being ransomed against his wishes. Kingpin sends Larks to set things straight.

Matt watches Mickey's father deliver the ransom the money in a drop-off. He waits until the criminal takes the money and then follows him. Larks kills the criminal and sees Matt. Kingpin deduces that this must have been a vigilante. Mickey is taken to a warehouse were several children are being kept, but Matt follows Larks. He moves silently around the facility, taking out all of the guards, and sabotaging the getaway car.

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