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  • This comic retells the Daredevil film.
  • The comic included some scenes that weren't in the theatrical release (but brought back in for the director's cut), including a portion of the trial of Duante Jackson, Matt Murdock's interrogation of Officer McKenzie, and Foggy learning Wesley's connection to Lisa Tazio's murder.
  • A major difference between the comic adaptation and the movie is that in the comic, Daredevil impales Bullseye in the chest with a glass shard (and through the back) before throwing him out the window. In the movie, Bullseye is distracted by his hands getting shot by a sniper before Daredevil throws him out the window. While both versions of the film show that Bullseye survived the fall, the comic never says if Bullseye survived. Additionally, Elektra: On the Rise #1 has Daredevil saying that Bullseye is dead, which may adhere to the comic adaptation in spite of the different designs used in the Elektra comic.
  • In the comic, the character Quesada is visually depicted to look more like his namesake Joe Quesada instead of the film version portrayed by actor Paul Ben-Victor.

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