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Appearing in "Stepping Into the Ring"

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Synopsis for "Stepping Into the Ring"

Matt continues writing his letters to the deceased Karen Page about his and their humble beginnings. He initially retells their meeting with their first clients at Nelson and Murdock, the Fantastic Four, and how they wanted the legal team to look over their lease at the Baxter Building along with some patents.

After that Matt writes of their celebration drinks at the Marlin Cafe where he easily beat three college kids at billiards only for them to try and ambush him when they left the cafe. The thugs' plan didn't go accordingly and Matt beat them with precision before visiting Slade where he was being held while on death row. Matt wanted answers for who the Fixer worked for and even though Slade was sentenced to die he didn't want to give up any name for fear they'd go after his family.

The following day Matt returns to the offices of Nelson and Murdock where Karen and Foggy are speaking with a woman named Grace who tells the lawyers that she used to do some bad things for her husband who she believed to be a good man. Grace then explains that someone found out about the things she's done and was out to expose her. When asked who the blackmailer is, Grace is spooked and leaves the offices in a hurried manner. Not soon after a man enters the office asking about a woman who he knows came to see the pair and that she was no doubt sullying his good name. When asked his name he simply says to refer to him as the Owl.


  • Daredevil visits Slade in prison to try and find out who the Fixer worked for. This is later contradicted by the flashback in Daredevil (Vol. 2) #66 where Daredevil is already aware that the Fixer was working for Alexander Bont.

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