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Quote1.png I'm going to ask Karen to marry me. Quote2.png
Foggy Nelson

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Synopsis for "Never Lead With Your Left"

Matt continues his post letters to the late Karen Page about his early career. He details his fight versus Electro in which he describes liking the thrill of being a hero and that was the driving force behind confronting him, oppose to his confrontation between Slade and the Fixer which was out of duty to his father and for justice.

Matt then describes an instance where Karen was intrigued with the new hero at the time going by Daredevil. Which shortly led to him, Karen, and Foggy going bowling. During this outing was the first time Karen and Matt got close, and how he remembers vividly when Karen embraced him with a hug and having their hearts beat in tandem.

Not soon after that Matt witnessed the execution of Slade for the murder of his father, he could still smell the burning flesh through the glass. Even with his murder avenged Matt couldn't help but keep his father's apartment and even though he often changed furniture he always kept his chair.

Upon going to work the next day Matt found out that Foggy intended to ask Karen to marry him, this was the first time he even thought about Foggy being interested in her, and in hindsight should have been something he shouldn't have been so blind to.

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