Quote1 You're not jealous of Daredevil, are you, mister Murdock? Quote2
-- Karen Page

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Synopsis for "Against The Ropes"

Matt continues his letter to the departed Karen Page, in a story describing the time when the Owl kidnapped her. Matt was still very new to being a superhero and hadn't yet honed in his senses, when Karen was in danger this was one of the first times he did just that. Focusing on the city and sifting through the hustle and bustle of every night New York City to search for Karen. In a matter of time he was able to pinpoint Karen's voice and find where the Owl had been keeping her.

Turns out Grace, a woman who previously visited Nelson and Murdock, was being blackmailed by the Owl but she was also working with him so that he'd leave her alone. The Owl wanted leverage over Matt Murdock as he saw his disability as an advantage in court to gain juror sympathy and planned on tapping him for future trials if he needed a lawyer. Daredevil easily freed Karen but while focusing on her the Owl returned and the two battled. Karen remained hidden even when she was told to flee showing a side of her that Matt often felt got her into trouble but something he also admired. Eventually the Owl fled his hideout and Daredevil followed not wanted to let the villain escape as he feared he'd return for Karen. When Daredevil caught up to the Owl he pounced but eventually lost him in the squabble when the two fell in the ocean in the midst of the pitch black night.

The next day Karen unknowingly told Matt his own story as the costumed Daredevil and the two flippantly flirted with each other. Foggy who was heading up and had planned to propose to Karen heard the whole thing and sadly retreated unbeknownst to Matt and Karen.

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