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Quote1.png I miss you, Karen... ...and I will always love you. Quote2.png
Matt Murdock

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Synopsis for "The Final Bell"

Matt continues his letter to Karen noting that this will be the final one. Matt then recounts when he and Karen were in the offices of Nelson and Murdock discussing if Daredevil does what he does for some sort of reward. The conversation being brought up after reading a story in the Daily Bugle by Ben Urich who suggested that Daredevil deserved the key to the city after defeating the Matador.

Foggy who is already steamed that Karen is falling for Matt gets a call from Judge Flanders who appoints the law office to defend the Purple Man. Karen decides to accompany Matt to the courthouse, leaving Foggy even more jealous. The Purple Man wasting dismisses his need for counsel and uses his powers to make the guard free him, while he walks off with Karen in toe.

After Daredevil confronts the Purple Man on the stairs to the courthouse Killgrave has the NYPD shoot at Daredeil while he and Karen head to the Plaza to get a room and drinks. Just when things are about to take a turn for the sexual, Daredevil shows up to save Karen from being forced to do something she wouldn't want to. Daredevil easily starts to beat the Purple Man but Killgrave orders Karen to jump from the balcony and Daredevil is forced to leave him alone in order to save her. Daredevil catches her with ease as she went tumbling off the side of the building using his billy club as a grappling hook.

While swinging down to ground level Karen suggests that Daredevil's suit should be red not yellow given he's a devil after all. He takes it to heart, and Karen asks to see him again. Soon after Killgrave exits the building and orders everyone to attack Daredevil, however it's too late as Daredevil quickly knocks him out and wraps him up for the authorities just in time for Foggy to come running towards the building and for Daredevil to take off.

Matt then details that the rest is history and that it's time for him to forgive himself for what happened to Karen, and that he'll always remember the times they spent together.

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