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  • This book adapts the 2003 Daredevil film.
  • The prologue chapter's narration asks the reader to forget what they know about superheroes, and claims the story takes place in the "real world" without "mutant healing" or "Spider-Sense". This implies that the X-Men and Spider-Man don't exist in Daredevil's world, or at least the novelization's version of Earth-701306. In the first chapter, a young Matt Murdock (while skateboarding) compares himself to the Silver Surfer.
  • The flashback indicates Matt Murdock is blinded at age 12 in the spring of 1984.
  • Fallon's full name is given as Eddie Fallon, and he is also nicknamed the Fixer.
  • While Fallon only lists the names of his boxers ("Miller, Mack, and Bendis") in the film, the novelization gives Miller's full name as "Frankie Miller", and Mack's full name as "Dave 'Madman' Mack." This makes the intended reference to Frank Miller and David Mack even more obvious. Additionally, the novel also details Jack Murdock's boxing matches with Miller and Mack in the ring, something that was never shown in the film.
  • The church that Father Everett belongs to is named in the book as The Church of the Holy Innocents.

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