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It is Autumn in New York City when Matt Murdock and his father Battlin' Jack Murdock travel upstate by bus to State College, where Matt will spend the next few years. Arriving there, Jack insists on carrying his son's pack, proud that Matt is the first Murdock to go to college. After a run-in with an older student who nearly knocks Matt over while jogging, they walk into the orientation building.

State College Dean Arthur Dufour begins speaking to the freshmen class when he notices Matt is blind and points him and his father to the orientation for special students, but Jack insists that his son has worked hard to get here and the “future valedictorian” shouldn't miss the speech. Afterward, as they walk to the dormitory, Matt is annoyed at his father for embarrassing him.

Once inside, they find Franklin Nelson and his family chauffeur Fitzroy moving a TV into the shared dorm room, expressing hope that his roommate will appreciate it. But when Matt makes himself known, Franklin quickly realizes that Matt is blind only after putting his foot in his mouth, and tells him to call him Foggy. The two new roommates shake hands, and Foggy invites them to dinner with him and Fitzroy at a fancy restaurant, but Matt says he and his father want to have a quiet dinner in a less crowded place.

Soon, Matt and Jack are having dinner at a rough-looking establishment called Ale House Bar and Grill. There Jack asks his son if he thinks his mother would be proud of how he raised him, and Matt says he knows they had it tough, but he always had food on the table, a present under the Christmas tree, laughter in the house, and most of all always felt safe. But Jack regrets that he wasn't there for Matt when he really needed him, when he had the accident that blinded him for life, and Matt realizes how guilty his father still feels over it, explaining why he's so worried about the idea of Matt being on his own.

While Jack visits the restroom, three young men (one named Benj), try to pick a fight with Matt, assuming that he's a rich kid who looks down on local folks, and continue even after realizing he's blind. Jack returns to find the men surrounding Matt and immediately grabs Benj. Before he can punch him, Matt stops the fight when Benj pulls out a knife, and talks his father out of fighting. Leaving the bar, Jack is worried that college isn't going to be safe for his son, who he believes isn't able to protect himself.

Making the excuse that he's too tired to head back home right away, Jack pretends to sleep in the dorm room, but waits until he can sneak out again and teach those young men at the bar a lesson with his fists. But by the time he reaches the bar, Matt (who could tell his father was lying about his reason for staying) has already run back there himself and has provoked Benj into attacking him. Instead, Matt easily takes out all three of the young men while pretending to be clumsy, and forces Benj to say uncle, telling him he expects to be treated civilly the next time he dines here in his new favorite restaurant. Jack Murdock claps for his son, who tells him his father taught him how to take care of himself. The next morning, Jack leaves by bus before breakfast, no longer worried about Matt, who carries himself like a man without fear.


Gladiator only appears in a cameo on the splash page, and does not appear in this story.

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