Quote1 Allow me to introduce myself... I am the Organizer... Quote2
-- The Organizer

Appearing in "While the City Sleeps!"

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Synopsis for "While the City Sleeps!"

A mysterious cowled figure has recruited four criminals to dawn animal themed costumes and act as his criminal agents and begin a crime wave.

Meanwhile, Foggy Nelson is in the running to become the next District Attorney of New York City, much to the excitement of their friends. While attending a gala aboard a private yacht being thrown by Abner Jonas, they are introduced to Bernard Harris, and Foggy is reunited with his junior high sweetheart Deborah Harris. Spotting the Frog-Man swimming towards the boat, Matt pretends to fall overboard to stop him from blowing up the ship with a grenade, before the Frog-Man can escape.

Next, Daredevil tries to stop the Bird-Man from robbing a place and is later tricked into cracking a safe for the Organizer's men, which implicates him for the crime.

The Organizer's men next attack a party at the Harris penthouse, where Daredevil battles them again. However the crooks manage to kidnap Deborah Harris, but not without Daredevil knocking out the Cat-Man and turning him over to the police for interrogation.

Tracking down Gorilla-Man, Daredevil fights him but is easily shrugged off, however, Daredevil follows them to their hideout where he overhears that Deborah is really in league with the Organizer. But as he overhears their plans to blackmail Foggy Nelson to do their bidding, Daredevil fails to notice that he's been spotted by Bird-Man who is swooping in for the attack... This story is continued next issue.


  • credits:
    • Exquisite Editing by: Stan Lee
    • Lustrous Layouts by: Bob Powell
    • Stunning Script and Art by: Wally Wood
    • Lots of Lettering by: Artie Simek
  • references: Daredevil #9

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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