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Quote1.png What you saw... was the life of a super hero compressed into a few terrifying seconds. Quote2.png
Daredevil (Matt Murdock)

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Synopsis for ""Mind Storm!""

Following the events of Avengers #111 the Black Widow chose to stay with the Avengers while Daredevil returned to San Francisco. Upon returning to the city Matt suited up as Daredevil busts up some crooks and begins experiencing some hallucinations. The crime in question that he foiled was that of a robbery of the Rolling Stones magazine offices.

Daredevil speaks with Jann Wenner the editor whom invites him back to the offices after the motive of the robbery seems unclear. While at the office Jann asks Daredevil for an interview which Matt agrees to. Declining to share his secret identity but recants a brief summary of his origin to Jann leaving out most of the details but thinking the rest to himself. Eventually Jann gets fed up of Daredevil's constant daydreaming but before he can finish the thought Daredevil hears a ruckus from the streets below. He goes to investigate just as a massive hallucination overtakes him; he then begins perceiving characters from his past coming to confront him. Upon snapping back to reality Daredevil realizes it's not an isolated incident as Jann explains that this has happened before, but only Daredevil remembers the events of the hallucinations where the others can't remember its contents and simply feel as if they awoke from a bad dream.

In a hurried state Daredevil phones Lt. Paul Carson and asks about the odd events. Lt. Carson confirms that there have been multiple incidents and they all occur after a scream. Daredevil hangs up just as another scream is heard like he had heard earlier and dashes towards it. When he makes it to its source he comes face to face with the one responsible for the hallucinations... Angar the Screamer.


  • Daredevil is interviewed by Rolling Stones editor Jann Wenner. Wenner, in real life was the editor and and publisher of Rolling Stone magazine since its inception in 1967, and at the time of this writing Wenner still holds said title.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story# 1331Z.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. It does not print any letter this issue. "The Bullpen" gives a look back at the inception and first 100 issues of the series.


  • The Quinjet that Daredevil pilots back to San Francisco is depicted as a much smaller one than the Avengers use. It looks to seat only one or two individuals. One might consider that the Avengers have streamlined models for individual members.

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