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Appearing in "Stilt-Man Stalks the City!"

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Synopsis for "Stilt-Man Stalks the City!"

On the hunt to find Angar the Screamer, Daredevil scours all over San Francisco and finds no trace of the villain. He does however, detect a familiar heart-beat and goes to investigate it. Arriving at a warehouse he overhears an smuggling deal of special equipment being conducted by his old foe Wilbur Day, aka Stilt-Man. Breaking up the deal, Daredevil catches everyone except for Stilt-Man who escapes. Taking the equipment back to the home he shares with the Black Widow, the two heroes and try to figure out what sort of device he was looking to smuggle.

Stilt-Man meanwhile returns to his hideout where he and his thug Endros have William Kaxton, the man who created the Stilt-Man technology, and his daughter Barbara as his prisoner. He has been blackmailing Kaxton to work for him to create a molecular condenser in order to insure the safety of his daughter. Day is plotting to threaten to use the condenser to extort the city of San Francisco out of a billion dollars, but intends to destroy the city anyway after he has dealt final revenge against Daredevil.

Daredevil and Black Widow meanwhile have decided to look up Day's former employer deducing that he might have some key in defeating Stilt-Man. Checking the public library's newspaper records they learn of Kaxton's kidnapping and begin to search around the city for him. The two decide to split up, Daredevil searching for Klaxton since he knows the mans heart-beat and Black Widow out to keep an eye out for Stilt-Man.

Daredevil scours the city until he picks up Kaxton's heartbeat and tracks it down to Day's hide out. Easily taking out Stilt-Man's hired thug, he learns that Wilbur has left already, taking Barbara as a hostage, to use the completed molecular condenser on the Golden Gate Bridge as a show of power to the authorities of San Francisco. Daredevil rushes off to confront his old foe just as the Black Widow catches up with the crook.

Natasha manages to free Barbara and continue her attack on Stilt-Man knocking the condenser out of his hand and she manages to maintain an upper hand until he gets a shot in. Arriving just in time to save Natasha from a deadly fall, Daredevil angrily topples Stilt-Man down through a plate-glass window. With Stilt-Man defeated, Black Widow and Daredevil take Barbara back to her daughter. As for the molecular condenser, it is found by a homeless man who thinks he can make a quick buck from it, but when the bum thinks it's just a toy he throws it in the trash.


  • In this issue Kaxton is referred to as William Kaxton, in his previous appearance from Daredevil #8 he is named Carl Kaxton.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story Vol 1 130Z.
  • There is no letters page for this issue.

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