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Daredevil (Matt Murdock)

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Synopsis for "...Then Came Ramrod!"

Peter Parker has traveled to San Francisco on assignment for the Daily Bugle to interview Black Widow and Daredevil. The wall-crawler arrives just as Daredevil and Black Widow have returned to their mansion with evidence implicating the most powerful crime boss, given to Daredevil by the writers of Rolling Stone Magazine for safe keeping until the exposé is published. Spider-Man changes into his civilian guise of Peter Parker and introduces himself to Ivan Petrovitch before continuing on and knocking on the door.

Invited in by the Black Widow, Peter Parker begins his interview with Daredevil. However, before it can even begin the mansion is attacked by a new super-powered steel-skinned villain named Ramrod. Ramrod has been sent to collect the damning evidence that Daredevil has on his employer. Smashing through the house and taking Daredevil, Widow, and Parker off guard, he succeeds in collecting the evidence and making an escape.

As Daredevil and Black Widow chase after Ramrod, Peter Parker slips away to change into Spider-Man to lend a helping hand. As the three heroes go searching for Ramrod, the villain himself looks about the city and gloats about his superiority over everyone. He recalls how he used to be a tough as nails oil rig boss who pushed his workers as hard as possible until one day some loosened oil drums toppled on him crushing all his bones. He would be kidnapped by a mysterious employer who would rebuild him into a new body with steel plated skin and the ability to fire energy beams from his hands. Told that he was injected with a deadly chemical in order to insure his compliance, Ramrod would agree to do his employers bidding.

Ramrod's recollection is interrupted by Spider-Man who snatches away the stolen evidence and makes a break for it. Before Ramrod can get his hands on Spider-Man, he is saved by Daredevil and Black Widow who tell the wall-crawler to make a break for it while they hold back the crook. However, Ramrod has other ideas and initiates an ability to fly after Spider-Man. Daredevil and Black Widow renew their fight however Ramrod gets a hold of Black Widow and makes good an escape when he drops her off a building forcing Daredevil to come to her rescue.

When Ramrod finally catches up with Spider-Man the two duke it out up the side of a building. However, during the fight, Daredevil and Black Widow arrive and land blows that send Ramrod tumbling to the ground below. The impact of the fall knocks the crook out and makes him easy for authorities to take into custody. After the battle, Spider-Man hands the evidence back over to Daredevil and swings away before they can thank him.

Shortly there after they are found by Peter Parker who finally gets the interview with the two heroes that he had travelled out to get.


  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story Vol 1 1512Z.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Craig Maynard, Dave Kalis, and Miguel Bravo.
  • In this issue, Peter Parker's eyes are depicted consistently blue in several panels, although they are canonically hazel-colored.


  • The Don Heck/John Romita cover image of the Black Widow was used for marketing her 1975 Slurpee Cup.

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