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Quote1.png When a person lies, his heartbeat accelerates... and my hearing... is sensitive enough ... to detect that change. Quote2.png
Daredevil (Matt Murdock)

Appearing in "Prey of the Hunter!"

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Synopsis for "Prey of the Hunter!"

Daredevil and Black Widow are in an training session talking about their personal matters, and how as Matthew Murdock, he hasn't met Kerwin J. Broderick, the head of Broderick, Sloan, & Murdock, and how Matt has yet to meet him since being employed there. After their session together, they meet with Ivan who brings them their mail. Inside they find an invitation to a cocktail party being held by Kerwin J. Broderick himself, who is anxious to meet Matt Murdock.

Meanwhile, the mastermind behind San Francisco's crime rackets has hired Kraven the Hunter in order to defeat or kill Daredevil. When the man offers Kraven the money, the hunter refuses telling him he only works for the thrill of the hunt.

Later that date, Matthew Murdock arrives on the job at Broderick, Sloan & Murdock to learn that his partner Jason Sloan has gotten him an postponement of trail on the Research Centre vandals that he is representing. Murdock is furious because he has no intention to change his plea because he has enough evidence to find them innocent. This causes turbulence between Jason and Matt, and makes him wonder about the ethics of his employer since the orders came from Broderick.

Returning home, Matt finds that the mansion has been attacked and Ivan bound up. Untying Natasha's bodyguard he learns that Natasha has been kidnapped by Kraven the Hunter who has demanded at Daredevil meet him at the San Francisco Zoo. Arriving there Daredevil is instantly attacked by Kraven. As the Man Without Fear manages to hold his own, he demands that Kraven show him where Natasha is. When Kraven finally does, he does so with dramatic flair: He has Natasha tied to the ground in the elephants pen and has blown a horn sending the gigantic beasts into a frenzy. Daredevil breaks off the first to rescue Natasha allowing Kraven to escape and begin plotting the next phase of his attack on Daredevil.

Six days alter, Matt and Natasha head over to Broderick's mansion for the cocktail party and meet Broderick for the first time. The party is dull and Matt and Natasha cause some controversy among the elite that are there. Just then Kraven the Hunter bursts through the window. While Natasha keeps him busy, Matt slips away in order to change into Daredevil. The two heroes have the upper hand fighting Kraven in closed quarters, forcing the criminal to take the battle outside.

There Kraven gets the advantage, knocking out Black Widow with a tranquilizer dart and then knocking Daredevil unconscious. With the Man Without Fear knocked out, Kraven lifts the hero over his head, poised to throw him off a cliff into the rocky waters below.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Peter Cucich, K.J. Robbins, Peter J. Mullen, Kirk Kambatt, and Brian Pierce.

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