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Moon Dragon (Heather Douglas)

Appearing in "Menace From the Moons of Saturn!"

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  • Madame MacEvil's Submarine (Only in recap)

Synopsis for "Menace From the Moons of Saturn!"

Kraven the Hunter is about to throw Daredevil off a cliff into the angry waters below, and despite her best efforts to stop Kraven, Black Widow fails. However, before Daredevil strikes the rocks below he suddenly disappears, although none see it and Natasha assumes that Daredevil has died. Kraven is then taken down by Black Widow with the help of the police including her friend Paul Carson.

Daredevil however is alive and well and has materialized aboard some strange vessel. Walking forward, Daredevil finds himself in a gigantic alien greenhouse and detects the faint heartbeat of a woman across the room, one that he finds incredibly beautiful. Approaching her he reaches out, causing her to snap out of her meditations and strike DD for interrupting it. Thinking that Daredevil is a thrall of Thanos she attacks him with her mental powers, however Daredevil breaks off the attacks and demands to know answers as to why he has become her target.

She explains that she was from the planet Earth, however after a her parents died in a car crash she was rescued by Mentor, leader of the Eternals of Saturn where she was raised among Mentor's children. Trained in the ways of Shao-Lom, she became a priestess, mastering the her mind and body she would come to be called Moon Dragon. Her civilization was then destroyed by one of their own: the mad Titan known as Thanos. Wanting vengeance she would learn that Thanos had escaped to her home world of Earth and followed him there. Learning that there were those in Thanos' thrall she would seek out allies and humans that she could empower in order to strike at her foe. With her unseen benefactor she has deduced that Daredevil and the entire city of San Francisco is under Thanos' control.

Daredevil asserts that this is insane, however this doesn't stop her from reactivating her creations: The Dark Messiah, Ramrod, and Angar the Screamer. Daredevil demands that she read his mind so that she can learn the truth, that she has been tricked and that San Francisco is not under Thanos' control. When she does she learns the truth, however it proves to be too late when she is shot from behind by her benefactor: Kerwin J. Broderick.

Now that Moon Dragon has learned the truth, Broderick has come to eliminate her now that she is of no use. While above the surface the police are taking Kraven the Hunter away when suddenly the ground begins to quake and the last of Moon Dragon and Broderick's creations comes to life, the earthen creature known as Terrex.


  • In this issue, the origin and recent events of Moon Dragon are detailed, but are radically inconsistent with later retellings: Mentor implied that Emlot killed Moon Dragon' parents in one of their "missionary expeditions". While on Titan, Moon Dragon encountered Thanos and his two brothers as children. In later retellings, an adult Thanos is the killer of Heather's parents.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story Vol 1 1631Z.
  • There is no letters page in this issue.

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