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Synopsis for "Life Be Not Proud!"

Continued from last year...

Kerwin J. Broderick has been using Moondragon's Titanian technology for his own ends in order to reshape the city of San Francisco in his own image. When Daredevil and Moondragon have learned the truth, Broderick shot Moondragon in the back. He has unleashed his latest creation, Terrex, a creature that has the power of life itself. He has dispatched his agent the Dark Massiah to put a force-field around the city to prevent anyone from escaping. He has sent Ramrod out to smash any authorities that will resist Broderick's plot.

Broderick explains how not only was he the reputable owner of a law firm, but also the secret kingpin of crime of the San Francisco underworld. He had everyone in his back pocket until the arrival of the ethical lawyer Matt Murdock and the costumed crime fighter Daredevil. Things changed when he met Moondragon and tricked her into helping him, all for the sole purposes of taking over all of San Francisco. Kerwin then tells Daredevil that he intends to merge with Terrex giving him power of life and death. When the Man Without Fear attempts to stop him, Kerwin blasts him with his stun blaster and leaves the two unconscious beings behind.

Meanwhile, above the surface, Terrex is giving a show of power, swiping the police away by creating gigantic plants, and then when a police officer approaches him ages him to death. As Terrex walks away, Black Widow and Paul Carson note that everything in Terrex's path has died as Terrex has absorbed it's lifeforce. While at police headquarters Chief O'Hara is answering a flood of phone calls from panicked people when he gets a telegram telling him that his brother, who was out on expedition in Africa, has been killed.

Back at Moondragon's ship, Daredevil revives to find that Moondragon is on the brink of death. Taking her to a regenesis chamber he is unable to operate the machinery because he cannot see what color the dials are. Moondragon uses her powers to restore Daredevil's sight so that he can operate the machinery and restore her to full health. Using the teleportation device the two return to the surface right before Black Widow and Paul and the quartet begin to track down Terrex.

Elsewhere, Angar the Screamer is out driving with his girlfriend Janice and they happen upon Terrex. As Angar brags about how Terrex and Broderick is going to make this city theirs to control, Angar is completely oblivious to the fact that his close proximity to Terrex has killed Janice. While at the same time, Daredevil, Black Widow, and Moondragon deal with the threats posed by the Dark Messiah, and Ramrod. After Moondragon defeats the Dark Messiah, Daredevil realizes that his vision is hampering his ability to fight, and has Moondragon take his vision away.

Daredevil lends Black Widow a helping hand against Ramrod, however their fight is cut short by the arrival of Broderick who has arrives with Terrex and is just about to merge with the creature and destroy the city.

This story is continued next issue....


  • In this issue, Kerwin Broderick is revealed to be the criminal mastermind behind the scenes of multiple San Francisco crimes dating back to Daredevil #97.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from "Stoned Ranger and Ames", Jim Pepitone and Terry Levin.

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