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Black Widow

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Synopsis for "Cry...Beetle!"

Tensions between Black Widow and Daredevil heat up over the Christmas holiday as Black Widow presses Daredevil for answers about his feelings about Moondragon, and unfortunately he doesn't have any to give. Their talk of relationships ends abruptly when they witness a gang of thieves trying to mug an old lady. The two heroes swing into action, and easily take them down. Natasha takes things too far and is pummeling a man near to death, and Daredevil is forced to strike her in order to make her stop. When the police come to arrest the crooks, and Daredevil is thanked by the old lady, he realizes that the Black Widow has already left.

Traveling back to the mansion where they live, Daredevil gets into an argument with the Widow over the ethics of brutalizing the crooks they fight. When it seems neither side can agree, Daredevil stops the conversation and goes downstairs to Ivan and Moondragon, who are decorating the place for Christmas. When Ivan turns on the TV news a report comes on about how Foggy Nelson was shot by an unknown sniper and is recovering in hospital. Matt is instantly worried and begins making arrangements to get to New York. Matt's request for Ivan to make travel reservations for him and Natasha is quashed by the Black Widow, who refuses to go to Foggy Nelson's aid especially after he had her tried as a spy in court. Moondragon offers to give Matt a lift in her spaceship instead and Daredevil rushes upstairs to pack and is ready to go in a few minutes. With Daredevil gone, Black Widow breaks down in tears and admits her feelings for Murdock to her bodyguard Ivan and fears that she has lost him for good.

On the trip to New York, Daredevil confronts Moondragon with his feelings, and while she admits that she shares similar feelings for him, they are two vastly different beings and she has to turn down any feelings and forget them. Leaving Moondragon's ship, Daredevil swings to the New York General and changes into his civilian guise of Matt Murdock on the roof. Entering the hospital Daredevil meets with Foggy's fiancee Debbie Harris, as well as Foggy's parents and his sister Candace, whom Foggy has never previously mentioned. Candace explains that she is considered by Foggy to be the "black sheep" of the family and promises to explain why later.

When Matt meets with Foggy, he learns that Foggy was shot for getting too close to information that the local gangs in New York are being manipulated by a group called the Black Spectre. He explains that the group plans on stealing a set of government printing plates on exhibit in midtown and passes out. As doctors rush in to check on Foggy's status, Matt rushes out the door to change into Daredevil and try and stop Black Spectre from stealing the plates.

Along the way he intercepts the Beetle, who is making his own bid to steal the printing plates. As the two clash, their fight brings them into the museum exhibit where they duke it out. While the Beetle has superior strength over Daredevil, DD knows the Beetle's weakness. Using the suction cups on the Beetle's own costume, Daredevil pulls off the Beetle's helmet -- the power source to his armor -- rending Beetle immobile. As the Beetle vows to get Daredevil they are startled by gas bombs that are dropped in the room.

As Daredevil is choking on the gas, he is unable to stop two agents of Black Spectre from stealing the printing plates and making a clean getaway.


  • Deborah Harris was last seen in Daredevil Vol 1 60.
  • This issue contians a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Marc DeMatteis, Alan Rothman, Sharon Karmanoff, and William Alexius.
  • This issue also contains a Series "A" Marvel Value Stamp Vol 1 22 Man-Thing.


  • The "Note from the Bullpen" contained on this issue's letter page is printed backwards.

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